• cares more about league tables than the

• 1st impression: not a glory seeker, sees the boy’s achievements as theirs, not hers:
Headmaster:” Your historians any special plans?”
Mrs Lintott: “Their A Levels are very good” (Page 8)

• Doesn’t see a difference between “centres of higher learning”, Dorothy could be seen as the foil of the Headmaster, who cares more about league tables than the boy’s happiness, Dorothy sees this and feels sorry for them: “Poor sods” (Page 10)

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• Has experienced hardship in her past relationships: “Durham was very good for history, it’s where I had my first pizza…” Non-sequitur adds comedic effect, suggests her past relationships at the boy’s age were not very memorable. (Page 9)

• Later reveals her husband left her “My ex, for instance. He told stories”(Page 22)

• Sarcastic: “Our fearless leader…” pride comes before a fall? Could show she is cynical towards Headmasters views. (Page 10)

• Feminist: “History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men”, Use of terms such as “cunt-struck”, and other male-orientated language (in other words, language used primarily by men) to mock men. (Page 22)

• Nicknamed ‘Tot or Totty’ by the boys. Totty – Girls or women collectively regarded as sexually desirable. Perhaps emphasising her gender and her expected role in 80s society: “Some irony there, one feels.” Could reflect how she felt after her husband’s affair, she may have lost confidence(Page 41)

• Genuinely interested in the boy’s happiness “How are you all getting on with Mr Irwin?”(Page 33)


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