• individual is regarded as an active participant

• By working with person-centred values A person centred approach is a process of constant review, learning and listening focusing on the immediate present. Values include – Individuality, Rights, Choice, Privacy, Independence, Dignity, Respect, and Partnership. It is necessary for me to have these values when working with service users. This means that the service user is put first, their feelings and preferences are considered above all else. Therefore, they are receiving the best care for them. This helps to build a trusting relationship between service user and carer.• By encouraging active participation This is a way of working that recognises an individual’s right to participate in the activities and relationships of everyday life as independently as possible.

The individual is regarded as an active participant in their own care or support, rather than a passive recipient. This builds self-esteem and helps to recognise positive, trusting relationships.• By promoting choice and rights This is using person centred values and encouraging active participation. Empowerment is about supporting the individual’s life even in small ways, such as, deciding what they want for breakfast that morning and deciding what clothes to wear that day. I communicate verbally with service users, using open questions and active listening, and/or using gestures. This encourages them to make small decisions for themselves in their own homes with my help and support and it allows them to still be an individual and to have their rights and choices recognised.

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It also gives the service user the choice to speak out about abuse.


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