• service is the function provided through

• Glossaryo Micro-Enterprises (MEs)-see Appendix II:This expression shall be utilised to imply very small trade that yields goods or services for subsistence means or small cash revenue. The world has no entirely conventional description of MEs, as diverse nations employ different procedures of scope contingent on their level of growth. The regularly employed benchmarks are the overall quantity of workforces, sum of the investment and sales turnover. In the setting of Malawi, MEs are those engrossing up to four individuals, and in the majority of circumstances household members or engaging capital equivalent to about five million Kwacha.o HDI:This is an acronym for Human Development Index; a multifarious index evaluating average accomplishment in three fundamental magnitudes of human development- a healthy life, intelligence and good living standard.

The HDI is engendered of UNDP and accessible in the yearly Human Development Statements.o Electricity Services:An electricity service is the function provided through use of electricity and in connection with a machine, the illustrations of electricity services are cooking, lighting, manufacturing, and communication.o Rural Area:The expression “rural area” represents to a physical place external to the zones that are managerially controlled by urban authorities. In the project paper perspective, a rural area is reasonably disadvantaged in terms of up to date energy infrastructure, grid electricity or a petroleum product supply chain. Therefore, a rural area in this project paper’s setting might be a township, a market hub, informal communities, or still a peri-urban region. o Livelihood:Largely or in broad terms, a livelihood encompasses the competences, resources and undertakings necessary for a way of living.

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A livelihood is viable when it may withstand the forces of pressure and shocks, and deliver viable means of support opportunities for the subsequent generation, and adds total welfares to other livelihoods at both the confined and world-wide levels for a long or short period. In the narrow, economic perspective, a live hood is utilised to mean the undertakings people use to obtain food, shelter and clothes. In this project paper the meaning of livelihood to take a wider sense.


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