• to a wide audience. They can

• Individuals
Use social media as entertainment, to express opinion and communicate with others or to take in multiple bits of content from different media sources such as YouTube. You can also stay up-to-date about what your friends are doing, local news and world news. Social Media is now also used to meet new people or get in touch with old friends and distant relatives. The benefits of social media include the ability to stay in contact with a verity of people through sites such as Facebook, this can help to maintain relationships both personal and work related. However, there are risks to social media such as if they haven’t set their privacy settings up correctly then strangers could be seeing things on their timeline that they don’t want public, for example pictures of their children.
• Organizations
Use social media to grow their business, advertise their organisation to a wide audience. They can endorse their service or products, offer exclusive deals or post photos and reviews of their products. Social media is used as an inexpensive form of advertising by organisations and businesses. The advantages of social media for an organisation would be they are able to create a more personal relationship with their clients through direct engagement on different websites, such as Twitter. However, there is a downside, as everything to do with the organization is easier to find, the negative reviews are also easier to acquire, this can cause a loss of profit and client base for companies both small and large.
• Governments
They can collect information about the public and find out about what public want and more logical data such as demographics, this can also be used to contact the public about school closures, especially helpful in winter time. Can expand their following and communicate with the public. Build trust with the public through communication, by acknowledging their views, opinions and concerns this helps to strengthen the bond between government and the people as it seems like the parties are listening and giving them attention. A disadvantage of this however is that public figures need to be careful of content online that they like as it can reflect badly on the party.
• Social Groups
Social Groups will use social media to connect with each other and inform each other with event details or withdrawals. They may also use social media to advertise their group and what they do to try and get more people involved and grow, an example of this would be the Wyverns American Football Club advertising on Facebook and gaining members there, this is an example as it can grow their numbers quickly and cost effectively. Social Groups do tend to attract “keyboard warriors” that are known to harass and discourage other users of the group, or try to bully people off the site completely.


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