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• Self-Government:The people of a nation who govern them self’s because they do not have a government system in place above them politically so the people have to govern themselves. Also having freedom of choice but have a guide of government like law/polices in place to fallow without a actual government in place/authority to make sure it happens. The government of America was guided and formed under this type of constitution with the importance of ones freedom to have the choice of fallowing such laws and polices as a foundation to fallow under the government in place Patterson, T. E.

(2013). In which case everyone not just US citizens would have a choice to use their voice to have a say in how the power/authority from the guide of government principles and polices should be used/applied with a system like this to provide nationally by state, locally by community and state alone. • Separation of Powers:The government made of three branches importance of being able to function or run based of all working together sharing the same ability to give command. Being able to share authority brought importance to creating a foundation of American government form by legislating , to executing, and to adjudicating roles of authority over other form but not to maintain the government job they provide/ serve under that everyone has a part to play in the jobs that are given by government branches not working alone to government. Within the constitution it provides a framework to guide the branches of government to make sure they understand each branch having different jobs to command by having equal authority and power of command Patterson T.E (2013) and digital history (2016).

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• Checks and Balances:Allowing choice and freedom to choose and use their political party representatives for each citizen/people to be heard through for changes and rights voted on. Importance to make sure everyone is counted and seen equally not having more authority of command over one another also known as a internal government relationship with the outside voice of the political party the people. Chance for people to see they cant govern themselves but need authority higher up to take charge and create a balance and holding one another accountable for each government branch separately. Providing that checks and balance provides shape to the government because it brings a sense of peace that everyone is equal and heard the best for the people/citizens under the government branches power given to each state will be included in every choice made for them over just thinking about one set of people/race/vote of a group. Balance of power creates a order for the other branches to fallow so that equal authority and power is given no one branch is higher in authority of command over another. The balance and check allows each one to hold the other accountable and making sure this stays in place for equal power. Limiting concentration of power by having the ability to keep power at the equal level for all this might mean controlling power from other branches. Is a system placed in order of the constitution so that every branch of government is equally powered and ran this is important to our government because it allows authority and responsivity to beheld to a higher level of promise to the people.

Not having balance of power then one government branch could take control and have power over the others preventing domination. This coming into place the three branches of the government that would each have a role job separately from one another but all working together to keep the government running right legislative, executive, and judicial. some examples include one the branch of the government known as the executive given the power of reviewing the legislative branch decisions for congress passed laws and be able to veto them. Two the branch of the government executive can be double checked by the legislative branch I needed to get the passing veto vote under another form of house known as the 2/3 vote rights in authority and command in the branches power ability. Third example if the laws under congress passed seem unconstitutional then the judicial system may choose to oversee both legislative and executive branch Patterson T.E.(2013). I found these facts In the resource links provided by the GCU week reading material and other online resources inside the library of GCU scholarly resources.

I find them to make sense and allow there to be no branch of the government to be ruled by one another with the power being limited and allowing equality of the best for the people to live by and be protected of the three branches of government in the working way that makes sense executive, legislative and judicial branch system under the government shaped the authority in which they run by equally and shaped the government in place of using the constitution as a foundation and guide to run smooth by NewWorld Encyclapidea (2015). . The ability to oversee the other federal officers use of power in the reason of challenge with impeachment when needed. The roles of being able to make laws with powers of putting the judges in place for ruling, having change in order over the decisions of amendments being proposed under the placing of judicial branch.

Also has the authority to say when a law that is being voted on and in question of being processed also not ready due to being unconstitutional. Legislative branch also can put a law in effect over a veto from the president by the authority to oversee the presidents law in action to be passed on if the majority vote is 2/3. Duties of overseeing the presidents foreign relations and appointments that need approval. Ability and authority to oversee the judicial branch active actions and further details on questionable actions. Impeachment duties and authority over other parties. Responsibilities for legislative branch include being ahead of authority for making laws the U.S. Constitution provides a foundation and outline for the legislative branch and their powers of authority.

Then there is a congress whom is the main head of the legislative branch but also has two other branches including the house of representatives and the senate. These roles and responsibilities of the duties are not only making the laws but also overseeing the ability to bills spending by the house of representatives who originated them. Then the senate branch of the legislative congress branch also authority role to manage treaties by being able to have approval and officials needing impeachment under the senate congress branch. Judicial:Also known as the supreme court who manages and represents the head of the judicial branch in the federal government. The duties and responsibilities of this branch include the supreme court to head over overseeing powers and limit them when needed of the other branches and explaining the meaning of or reason for the U.

S. constitution. Also having the power or authority to oversee the laws being passed and polices enforced as being constitutional or not. Not Like the two other branches executive and legislative who are vote by the people or people representing them the judicial branch are chosen by the president and approved by the government senate.

Created and recognized by the U.S. Constitution 3rd article the judicial branch of the federal government providing congress with the form and foundation of feudal judiciary.

The branch of judicial is the courts including the district court, the supreme court and the court of appeal. Mainly to be in charge and explain the laws passed by the legislative branch with the power to oversee the actions by the president as not being just or the laws/polices in effect as being unconstitutional. Being managed by both supreme and federal court the judicial branch also has other lower courts in charge. The duties and responsibilities to look into the government passed laws/polices and assessing them. Some of these roles and responsibilities are to look over and review laws, explain the constitution and making decisions related to the affairs of state matters. Executive:The duties and responsibilities for being able to provide foundation and a place where the president is actively working in along with the other executive cabinet branch departments.

The departments also include government agencies that run self efficiently to one another. The main job or duties of the executive branch is to take the laws passed and created from the legislative branch and manage them by making sure they are working right this branch carry’s the laws out. This also means that when the judicial branch over steps their authority the executive branch is able to limit the power authority/ruling. Also helps the role of overseeing who the president puts in place for judges who are representing. The president is the main leadership role in this branch and works in the executive branch full time democracy areas. The U.

S. people are able to vote for the president or the house of representatives are able to vote a president in whom people vote for representing the U.S.

people. The former operating system which the president is head of also state and the government. Really meaning head of state and of all the armed forces operating known as the commander and chief . The responsibilities of the executive branch are not allowing laws that shouldn’t be passed impeached and making sure laws are managed and working through enforcing them directly working independently. Also meaning that the executive branch is seen as the head of managing the multiple levels of federal agencies. The executive branch has a routine that is a everyday organized and seen through with the cabinet level of executive branch to manage and give orders to the armed forces, being a active role in representing the state and actively involved in the powers meeting for international reasons. The executive branch has departments such as the cabinet with duties and responsibilities from day to day under the president authority and power to defense department with the protection of the environment agency to the social security and exchange commission securities.

These duties and responsibilities also include the executive branch to manage and direct the armed forces that provides jobs to over 4 million Americans GPO(2016). .How are all three of these branches executive, legislative and the judicial branch supposed to interact under the federal government you ask? That is something that I find interesting through research and reading the material about these branches I found all three branches relay on the check and balance to work with one another smoothly. The ability to check on and make sure power is equal and not being taken advantage of in the case of one branch misusing their power to have more then another branch.

Overseeing one another in the example of the executive branch having the power or authority to manage even veto the laws created by the legislative branch if seen as unconstitutional or unlawful. Though the legislative branch can have superiority the veto by the executive branch with a majority vote being 2/3. Checks and balance are how the three branches of government are able to work together smoothly.

With the help of separation of power each branch legislative, executive and judicial have powers equally but in each self -efficient managed duties and responsibilities separate from one another. Also with the common ground of checks and balance to check on one another sharing authority in making sure the power is shared equally not one branch having more power over another. Personally meaning that each branch may not acutely interact with one another but more check on one another if needed to for shared power but having own duties and responsibilities outside one another running smoothly independently.

The U.S. Consultation provides the federal government with the authority to make sure a foundation to be managed with equal power and run with the three branches the legislative, executive and judicial so that the three parts can equally divide the duties and responsibilities in government equally and with the same power. This creating the equal power to check one another with a balance of roles and duties under the checks and balance system. Also with the separation of power for each branch distinguishing the equal power in roles and duties not directly written in the constitution for legislation, judicial and executive branch which states the responsibilities of each branch in the first three pages of the consultation.

Providing a guide of power by separating it equally between each branch instead of making one branch higher in authority over the others with unequal power/authority USA.gov(2018). 3.

How effectively do you feel the three branches interact with each other today? After researching and reading about the three branches of the government and how the interact with one another to manage and run like they should today I would say they interact with one another with confusion and frustration. I say this because of everything that is going on and how the responsibilities and duties to work together is no longer in place or effective like is was supposed to be back with the constitution was created and made to appoint the three branches of government with their own separate duties and roles and equal power serving authority. What used to be known as factual information about what a government should look like and the parties working with them doesn’t seem to be the case in 2018 due to the information or lack of between the three benches legislative, executive and judicial. No seems like really two branches of fedural government awaiting their daily roles and duties under information that might be or needs to be provided to do what needs to be done and what should be done.

More like we might have now adjusted to the new form of the government roles and duties because of what we are seeing more often as the new form of government branches working together as one. The new power form of the congress working against the executive branch because of the lack of information from the legislative branch to question laws being created or passed by vote which the congress counts on to gain information from variable resources then allow the executive branch to then supply the needed information to congress to see the polices or laws as right now working to compete with one another instead. Though I am still learning how to understand and have an actual opinion about the government branches and how they work to work together under the guide of the constitution foundation to protect and serve justice for the people this is as tart I guess Digital History (2018) and McClory, T.



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