• chip Microcontroller for French Banking • 1982

• Smart Card has its origin in 1970,by inventors from Germany , Japan and France.
• Until mid 80,most of the work on Smart Cards was at the research and development le
• 1968 German inventor Jurgen Dethloff along with Helmet Grotrupp filed a patent for using plastic as a carrier for microchips.
• 1970 Dr. Kunitaka Arimura of Japan filed the first and only patent on the smart card concept .
• 1974 Roland Moreno of France files the original patent for the IC card, later dubbed the “smart card.”
• 1977 Three commercial manufacturers, Bull CP8, SGS Thomson, and Schlumberger began developing the IC card product.
• 1979 Motorola developed first single chip Microcontroller for French Banking
• 1982 World’s first major IC card testing
• 1992 Nationwide prepaid card project started in Denmark
• 1999 Federal Government began a Federal employee smart card identification.
• One of the first smart card created by its inventor roland Moreno around 1975.
• In 19968 and 1969 helmut grottup or jurgen Michel ugon from invented the first microprocessor smart card with two chips: one microprocessor and one memory ,and in 1978, he patented the self programmable one chip micro-computer this define a important use for the smart card
• Carte bleue: Smart card based “electronic purse” system store funda in the card so that reader do not need network connectivity. That enterd European service in the 1990s.These are common in Germany ,Austria, france .
• Contactless smart card not requird physical contact between a card and reader .that are more popular for payment and ticketing . Visa or mastercard implemented version deployed in 2004 -2006 in the U.S ., with visa current called smart card any other card are use in these system . All type of the card are use in these technology.
• Contain a tamper-resistant security system provide security services .Managed by an administration system, which securely interchanges information and setting with the card
• Smart cards can authenticate identity. Sometimes they employ a public key infrastructure.The card stored am encrypted digital certificate issued from the PKI provider along with other relevant information. Example include the U.S department of defence common access cards, and other card used by other government for their citizens. If they include biometric identification data , cards can provide two-or-three-factor authentication
• Smart card used as transit passes and integrated ticketing are used by many bublic transit operators. Card used may also make small purchesses using the cards. Some operators offer point to uses . Example include singapure CEPAS, ontarios presto card Hong kong Octopus card, London Oyester card , Dublin Leap card, Brussels MoBIB, Quebec OPUS card.

o Development of the Technology
• Highest performance smart card at the lowest cost
• As silicon technology develops so will the power of the smart card
• Laser cards

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