1. network systems. The NSA also takes

1. The national-level intelligence agency, responsible for global monitoring, collecting and the processing of information, the NSA is tasked with protecting the United States communication and network systems. The NSA also takes responsibility of monitoring, collecting and the processing of information for national security reasons.2. The National Security Agency came to be in April of 1917, three weeks after the U.S. declared war on Germany in World War I.

3. Monitor intelligence across the country, they also take charge of surveillance of the public’s activity on all sorts of internet related programs (email, social medias, ebanking and so on) as an act of national security against terrorism.4. In 2014, president Barack Obama put a direct order in place that required the intelligence community (all branches of intelligence agencies in the U.S.

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) to put up the “appropriate firewalls” for the upkeep of safety of personal information of people caught up in the surveillance belt.5. Boomerang routing, Hardware implanting and the Echelon assignments6. Warrantless Wiretaps: Executive order passed by George W. Bush letting the NSA tap any phone calls leaving the country with the idea of thwarting terrorism meanwhile the NSA had no warrants to permit these taps.Data Mining: The NSA was using its computing capability to analyze “transactional” data that it regularly acquired from different federal agencies, which gathered it under their own jurisdictional authorities in 2008.

Illegally Obtaining Evidence: In August 2013, the NSA was using information gathered via the data mining and reporting criminal activity to the DEA with the DEA in turn unlawfully making arrests7. 1) The USA Freedom Act was passed by Congress as a result of these unwarranted wiretaps, the NSA was forced to shut down its bulk phone surveillance program in late November of that same year. The USA Freedom Act reserves metadata and content of phone calls privacy, unless the NSA has a warrant for the use of surveillance in the ongoing terrorist investigation. The agency has to request telecom companies for the records, which will only be available for six months after initial use.2) In 2013, the Obama administration worked on creating reforms for the NSA’s Data Mining escapade. Both parties found a “middle ground” so to speak, the NSA currently monitors huge volumes of records of domestic email data, web addresses from Internet searches, bank transfers, credit-card transactions, travel records, and telephone data only if they appear to be abnormal or “off”.3) All law enforcement agencies are forced by law to conceal how they began investigations and this leads to the “recreation” of a legal and fair warrant distribution system for those convicted.

8. I think the agency founded with great intentions, led to a lot of controversy and distrust. If someone appears to have suspect material on their personal devices the NSA then can intervene at moment’s notice and shut down the “party” before it becomes an issue. However, I feel as though a reestablishment of the understanding throughout America will help its citizens understand and have a greater realization of the necessity of the group.


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