1. team, because of the different personalities


Understand leadership styles1.1. Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations.1.2.

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Explain why these leadership styles or behaviours are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual and group behaviour.1. Understand leadership stylesA leader is somebody that creates the direction of the group, they lead and empower people and translate the vision into reality.There are so many different leadership styles and a manager needs to fluctuate between styles to have a successful team, because of the different personalitiesWithin a team the manager needs to have a flexible approach.The ten most spoke about leadership styles are as follows,? Autocratic leadership? Bureaucratic leadership? Charismatic leadership? Democratic leadership? Laissez-faire leadership? People-oriented leadership? Servant leadership? Task-oriented leadership? Transactional leadership? Transformational leadershipThis is my brief interpretation of the ten styles? Autocratic leadership.This style of leadership can obstruct a team’s performance, if the team have highly skilled personnel, however if the team are unskilled this style can still be effective.

? Bureaucratic leadership.This style works best if the team have to conform to regulations and follow procedures. ? Charismatic leadership.This type of leader believes more in themselves than the team; however they are very good at injecting enthusiasm.

? Democratic leadership.With this style there is a greater sense of team working, the leaders puts themselves in the middle of the team as being part of the team and not just a leader, and make the team feel in control, however the leader will make the final decision.? Laissez-faire leadership.This style is an easy going type of leadership, the leader puts a lot of trust in to the team, this style is more suited to an experienced team that know exactly what they are doing.? People-oriented leadership.This type of leader puts a lot of emphasise developing members of the team and is focused on organising, and supporting the team.

? Servant leadership.This style could be deemed as just doing enough, they are not really classed as a leader and may have inherited a well-established team.? Task-oriented leadership.This style is very blinkered in such they are focused on only getting the job done; this can be detrimental to the team in trying to motivate them.? Transactional leadership.This type of leadership will focus on reward and punishment, get the job done and you will be rewarded, however get the job wrong and punishment will be on hand.? Transformational leadership.This type may be one type all managers are trying to aspire to, they set clear vision as to what’s required and what the teams goals are, they recognise and support individuals and they themselves set high standards.

Lewin’s Leadership Styles. “In 1939, psychologist Kurt Lewin led a study that identified three core styles of Leadership”? Authoritarian ( autocratic )? Participative ( democratic )? Delegative ( laissez-faire )1.1. Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations.

Each team that I lead are all different in the scope of work that they do, but I try to manage each team in the same way, I don’t have a different stance for each team, however the different personalities within each team will dictate the way that I manage them.Circumstances will determine the style of leadership that is required; there are so many factors that will influence the way you deal with situations.? Mental health.? Marriage, personal problems.

? Conflict within the team.? Bullying.? Stress with hitting targets.? Influence’s from upper management.? Not having the correct skill set.? Sickness.? New Starters You wouldn’t apply just one style of leadership on its own in majority of workplace situations, the factors that will influence the style are the same whatever leadership style is applied, whether that would be, Democratic, Autocratic or Laissez-faire.

If we take a new starter for instance, they need guidance introduction to the work place and to the team, they need to know of the rules, have boundaries set,Know of the company’s policies and procedures, and where to find them, if they ever needed them, be told of the health and safety in the work place, and be shown how to use their IT equipment. Having a new starter I would adopt the Authoritarian (autocratic) leadership style as it would allow me to demonstrate the expectations I was looking for. Once the new starter had settled in and became accustomed to the way the team worked and what was expected of them, and I was happy in how they presented themselves and conducted their work I could then have a more relaxed way of managing them, I would then adopt more of a Delegative (laissez-faire) style of leadership.

1.2. Explain why these leadership styles or behaviours are likely to have a positive or negative effect on individual and group behaviour.There are negatives and positives in each of the styles, and the choice of leadership style is all determined on the type of workforce within the team,An Authoritarian ( autocratic ) type of leader Knows how to work within tight time frames and gets the job done, Knows how to make decisions quickly and without consulting others.


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