1.1. to be considered as normal human

1.1. Status of Women in society.

The concept of equal status of women still appears in books and in words. Some recent studies have suggested that the women’s status is the single most considered and comprehending situation in India ( Mirta, 1978, Dyson ). Several previous studies have defined women’s status in its own ways. Education, employment, salary, and nature of work etc (Silpa 1975, Chaudhary 1977, Bhargava & Saxena 1987) are the basic ground for measuring women’s status. However an individual woman’s status in the society can be determined by her composite status which can be identified by her economic conditions ,physical appearance, the knowledge she have and how mush is she educated.

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In India, divorce and marital separation are socially disapproved and widows suffer from social discrimination even today. There has been a major increase in divorce rates in India during the last decade. The percent divorced was 0.74 percent in 1991 and 1.01 percent in 2001 (Census of India, 2001).

It convey that widows suffers a lot of problems while living in a Indian society ,they pleed to be considered as normal human beings. They say that they don’t want any special consideration from the government or society .They just want to live happily with their children in which ever place they live.1.2.

Situations of Single mothers Consequences faced by children of single parent families include less support, greater percentage of high school dropout, less parental attention and supervision at home, and less money for their needs. Work is the major cause of conflict and many and various types of stress among single working mothers. It is associated with long, irregular, tough working hours, travel long away from home, and fear of illness, occupation, and loose of patience from work to family and family to work (Pleck, 1985).


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