1. industrial fans. The basic function of industrial

1. Describe the general background/context and importance of the research question.

Industrial fans or blowers are machines, whom the primary function is to blow in or out a large flow of air or gas to various parts of structures. This is achieved by rotation of the number of blades, mounted on the shaft and driven by a motor or turbine. These fans or blowers are available in the different range from 5.7 m³ to 57,000 m³ per minute. Nowadays, Industrial centrifugal fan is an essential in cement production line.

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Mean time this centrifugal fan also consume more power compare to other equipment. According to statistics, it consumes about 15% from the total capacity of the plant.Well, in this world of rocket technology, the requirements of industrial fans have drastically increased over the years. The variety of problems that need to be solved when handling with dust, gases, small raw material particles and cement particles in a cement plant requires widespread range of fans to enhance the variety for each particular application. Due to this purpose, it is mandatory that the fans should be economical and in the budget of the company. In today’s world, the use of cement is increasing day by day since the 19th century. Well, Industrial fans are an essential element of the cement plant.Cement industry is one of the major markets for industrial fans.

The basic function of industrial fans in cement industry are supply of air or removal of exhaust gases and material handling. There are many types of fans with defined applications in this industry such as raw mill fans, induced draft fans, cooling fans, raw mill exhaust fans, coal mill fans and cooler exhaust fans.Cement manufacturing is one of the chief, major and essential industries all around the world. This is a highly energy rigorous industry which make the correct air flow systems vital to make the most of production and profitability.Industrial fans can be categorized in mainly two parts:1. Centrifugal Fan2. Axial FanThese two major parts are also sub classified as given below:Centrifugal Fan:i.

Airfoil fanii. Backward curve faniii. Backward inclined faniv. Radial blade fanv. Radial tipped fanvi. Paddle-wheel fanvii. Forward-curve fanviii.

Industrial exhausters fanix. Pre-engineered fanx. Pressure blowerxi. Surge less blowerxii.

Mechanical vapor recovery blowerxiii. Acid gas blowerxiv. Specialty process gas blower Axial Fan:i. High-temperature axial fanii. Tube axial faniii. Vane axial faniv.

Variable pitch axial fanv. Variable pitch on-the-fly axial fanvi. Cooling fanvii. Mixed-flow fanWell, among of all these fans, centrifugal fans are most suitable for the cement industry due to their functions including combustion, cooling, exhaust, ventilation, aeration, particulate transport, air-cleaning, drying and many more.2.

Write a clear and focused research question.”How to stamp out the testimony of cement and other dust particles from the surface of the centrifugal fan and to what extent the flow rate can be increased?”


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