1. by hand so He could Learn

1. Discuss the significance of the essay’s titleIn “A Homemade Education” by Malcolm X. Malcolm X was an African American who was Sent to prison. To get him threw his Sentencing; he had educated himself to and eighth grade Level so he could understand Civil Rights of the African Americans. While his was prison he Had Made friends with a guy named Bimbi he was more educated more than Malcolm was.

Malc0lmwas teaching himself to read and write him first thing he read was a dictionary and he Had copied all by hand so He could Learn Better. He learned a lot about history. He also had Learned in his reading history of the Blackman. He found out how terrible white man can treat Black men and all races .

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Malcolm had and import Quote. “In fact up to then i had never been so Truly free in my life.” Because of his Good ability to. He had himself with a new light to Understanding the world as it is. Malcolm did go on to be the major figure in the fight with Racism in the US. He has become a dynamic Spokesperson for Muslims.

He was eager to Learn. 2. What details make clear his passion for learningIn the essay of “A Homemade Education”, How Malcolm X talked how he had learned to read. With his experiences of learning to write and finding that passion to read.

Malcolm x express in Words that he began writing words from the dictionary; was an amazing experience for Malcolm X. he said he learned word that he didn’t ever knew existed. Malcolm spend many Hours a day Reading learning an writing.

Extensive reading every book he could get a hold of. He read all of History and genetics and all about black history. He would read day and night with only getting a Few hours of sleep a day, after lights out in prison Malcolm had to read by the Glow of a light in The hallway of his prison cell. Malcolm X simply responded “Books”.

He said That he would Read Every chance he got. Because he was so eager he would find any chance to Read as much as He could an to learn from his reading


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