1. farsightedness. 4. Excessive love for cats is

1. The cat’s heart beats about 140 beats per minute.
2. Cats can produce 100 different sounds.
3. All cats have farsightedness.
4. Excessive love for cats is called Ailurophilia.
5. In cats sweat glands are located only on the pads of the paws.
6. An adult cat has 30 teeth.
7. The cat is the only animal that can survive a fall from a nine-story house.
8. In case of danger, the cat can run at a speed of 48 km / h.
9. The kidneys of the cat can filter the salt.
10. A kitten is able to see a dream within one week after birth.
11. For the movement of the ears, cat has about 20 muscles.
12. In the Middle Ages, on the Feast of St. John’s Day, the cats were burned at the stake, because they believed that they were involved in black magic.
13. In Australia and the UK, a black cat brings good luck.
14. A cat named Stubbs was mayor of the city of Talkeetna, Alaska, for 15 years.
15. Every year in Asia, about 4 million cats are eaten.
16. The cat’s body consists of 517 muscles.
17. The cat 245 bones.
18. The cat hates the smell of tangerines and lemons.

19. A cat lives 6 year of life.
20. Cats are able to anticipate natural disasters, like earthquakes, they leave the building in advance.
21. The cat is capable of bouncing to a height higher than its growth by 5 times.
22. Proailurus is considered the progenitor of cats, which means “first cat”. The animal inhabited the planet 30 million years ago.
23. Only a cat of the breed Turkish Van, loves to swim.
24. Cats cannot chew large pieces of meat.
25. A domestic cat can survive at a temperature of 57 degrees.
26. Every year, about 40,000 people suffer from bites of cats in the United States.
27. The cat can turn its ear 180 degrees.
28. In ancient Egypt, for the smuggling of cats, criminals were punished by murder.
29. The Egyptians worshiped the goddess with a cat’s head.
30. The most popular breed is the Persian cat.
31. The oldest breed of cats is Mau.
32. The cat has 12 pairs of mustaches.
33. In 1871, the first cat show was organized in London.
34. In the US, about 60 million feral cats live.
35. The only animal that cannot be found on the pages of the bible is a cat.
36. The most expensive cat is Little Nicky. Its cost is 50 thousand dollars.
37. For the first-time cats were seen on the territory of Europe in 900 BC.
38. Approximately 95% of people talk with cats.
39. The Japanese believe that after death the cat turns into a spirit.
40. Cats can see in dark.
41. Aspirin is a poison for a cat.
42. The sense of smell in cats is about 14 times stronger than human
43. The weight of the smallest adult cat was 680 grams.
44. In 1 square centimeter, the cats have 20,155 hairs.
45. People who have domestic cats live longer and are much less prone to stress and heart attacks.

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46. The largest wild cat is the Amur tiger.
47. As in humans, cats have a dominant “arm”.
48. Cats eat grass, leaves and young shoots of plants to improve the digestive system, as well as to induce vomiting to purify the stomach.
49. Most cats are able to give birth to one to nine kittens in single delivery.
50. The longest surviving cat ever recorded is Krim Puff, who lived 38 years and 3 days.
51. Cats are one of the laziest mammals. They are able to sleep for 18 hours a day.
52. Cats lick the hairs to clean themselves.
53. Maine-coon cats have high intelligence. This is one of the few breeds that can be trained
54. Cats are the only animals allowed to enter the mosque.
55. The nose of the cat is unique, it has a unique imprint like humans’ fingerprints.
56. Cats, if not sleeping, spend one third of the total time on caring for themselves.
57. Cats also protect books from mice and other relics of the British Museum.
58. In Austria, a cat who served in the protection of warehouses for several years, was put a lifetime pension of milk, meat or broth.
59. Domestic cats are the only cats, capable of keeping the tail upright when walking
60. Cat give birth to more than 100 kittens in its entire life.
61. The cat’s eye with respect to body size is larger than that of most mammals.
62. About 10% of all bones are on the tail
63. Wild cats are not able to lift their tail up.

64. Giraffe, camel, horse and cat are the only pacer animals that go with their left legs first, then the right ones.

65. Cats have 80 million olfactory receptors in the nose.
66. The color of the eyes in kittens can change as they grow.
67. At birth, kittens are deaf and blind. They open their eyes in 7-10 days, and sight and hearing develop in two weeks.
68. Cats can see up to a distance of 60 meters.
69. Cats can distinguish some colors.
70. The normal body temperature in cats is about 38 degrees.


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