1.0 National Museum ( in Malay called

1.0 IntroductionThe place that I visited on 4 July 2018, Wednesday, is National Museum ( in Malay called Muzium Negara) which located at Jalan Damansara in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was opened in 31 August 1963 with its displays spread out onto two floors. The various galleries housed within the Museum provides interesting insights into the country’s development.

The diverse galleries included Gallery A (Prehistory Gallery), Gallery B (The Malay Kingdoms Gallery), Gallery C (The Colonial Era Gallery) and Gallery D (Malaysia Today Gallery) (Malaysia-traveller.com, 2018).Prehistory Gallery which displays the incident that related to historical research and archaeological excavations(Malaysia-traveller.com, 2018). The Malay Kingdoms Gallery which traces the history of the early Malay Kingdoms in Archipelago, with the Malay Kingdoms of Melaka in the 15th century(Bing.com, 2018). Colonial Era Gallery covers the coming of Portuguese, followed by the Dutch and then the British and Japanese and these countries affected on Malaya(Bing.

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com, 2018). Malaysia Today Gallery which include what happening of the independent of Malaysia and the economic development of Malaysia.2.0 Three highlighted ThingsThe three highlighted things that I learned in this educational tour was at the Gallery A and the there are PERAK MAN(REPLICA), Bronze Bell and JAR(or URN BURIAL). 2.1 PERAK MAN(REPLICA) PERAK MAN(REPLICA)(Figure 1)considered be the most meaningful discovery of the remains of a modern man(Homo sapiens) ever discovered in Malaysia, both because it’s antiquity of over 10,000 years ans also because of its most complete anatomical state. He was buried in a crouched position along with several burial goods which included some tools and food such as shells and animal bones were found in the cave. The most highlighted things in this was taught by the guide that how they communicated with each other and how to differentiate their gender at the moments.

They were wrote on the wall as a mural to marked down their daily life(Figure 2). 2.2 Bronze BellTHE BRONZE AGE(Figure 3) is the discovery of a moulding material produced by the local community to make bronze axe at the Gua Harimau archaeological site, in Perak clearly proved that the Bronze Age have existed in Malaysia approximately 3000 years ago. The highlighted things of this was the bell which hang by the elephant that gave signal to others people who were around the place that they at and the bell can be heard five kilometers away. 2.

3 JAR(or URN BURIAL)JAR(or URN BURIAL)(Figure 4) is a practice among communities in Sabah, Sarawak and Terengganu. Human remains in the form of bones ash after cremation were interred in jars at this site. Highlighted things of this that I taught by the guide that the corpse are left to decompose at a site that is safe from wild animals and later, the skull and bones were collected and arranged in a jar that is then placed on the floor of limestone caves. In the past, people already knew that how to buried the corpse that used their own ways.

3.0 Exhibited element in this tour The only one exhibited element in this tour is AVALOKITESVARA(Figure 5) which placed at the Gallery B. AVALOKITESVARA is National heritage artifact. It found in a tin mine belonging to Anglo Oriented at Bidor in Perak, 1936. It is made of bronze and it has eight arms. It was dated when the culture of the region was Hindu-Buddhist which the time around 7th and 12th centuries AD.

Reasons that I chose this because it was appeared before the Buddhist portrait of Guan Yin(Figure 6) (Bing.com, 2018). Second, it made by iron so it was very heavy therefore it need to have minimum five person to move from one place to another place. 4.0 Perception of Malaysia change after this tour After this tour, perception of Malaysia for me was changed because of those people who contributed to help Malaysia became independence was mighty and they have no responsible to fight for independent but they still put intention to force on it because they knew that if Malaysia became independence, all the Malaysian will increase their living standard and changed their lifestyle.

I feels glad and proud that I live in Malaysia because 5.0 How this tour on being a responsible citizen After visited this tour, I knew that it is necessary be a responsible citizen to our country that protect and cherish things that having in Malaysia. Because the process of gaining independence was fulled of challenge but they still put a lot of effort to make it successful. In our daily life, we should willing to help others who facing problems and respect for others because different people got different culture.

We should have to be patriotic to our country to 6.0 Social issue during the tour The social issue during this tour was happened at the Gallery C. It was one little boy was lost and crying because he couldn’t find his parents at that time and his parents also didn’t realize that their children was missing.

The reason that cause it happened was the parents didn’t take care of their children. To avoid this situation occur again, parents should pay more attention on their children and prohibit children running around the Galleries. 7.0 Self-reflection I was excited that I am been to National Museum because I didn’t go there before. I am appreciate to my Lecturer, Ms Sara who gave us a chance to have a visit on it.

After this tour, I had learned a lot of history in Malaysia that I didn’t learned on text book in my secondary school. I also knew the National Museum are conducting the histories of Malaysia and National Museum as a travel sigh for tourist to tourism.8.0 Conclusion In conclusion, I learned that the origin of National Museum in Malaysia and where is it located at. Independent of Malaysia was fulled of challengers which included external challengers and internal challengers. The three highlighted things that I learned are PERAK MAN(REPLICA), Bronze Bell and JAR(or URN BURIAL). We should be more patriotic and respect others to protect our country to become more prosperous.


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