1. pattern will be scanned from blood flow.


For proving liveness, blood flow of finger will be detected using video approach (Including pulse measurement, temperature measurement, sweat detection, skin resistance detection) 2. Identify finger vein from recorded video Here the thermal technique is used for measuring blood flow rate. Then the vein pattern will be scanned from blood flow. 3. capturing vein image by printing (Using high quality paper and laser printer) 4. Finger vein pattern extraction (New Concept) i) Calculating the curvature point (for total vein pattern) in coordinate system. ii) Then for less searching the distance of respective points are measured. From measuring distance between boundaries represent the internal and external part of a vein where internal part is recognized by bit 1 and external part which is the black part is recognized as bit 0.

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5. Matching pattern using neural network training (NN tarining).


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