1.0 always alert with the changes in

1.0 IntroductionIn this new era of globalization, every company face numerous of challenges due to the rapid change in business environment. In order to survive in the market, companies must always alert with the changes in competitive environment (Jovanovic, 2015). Therefore, it is important to a company to conduct business environment analysis from time to time so that they can sustain in the market (Thilakasiri, 2018).

2.0 Company’s OverviewIntel Corporation is the world leading company in designing and manufacturing modern technologies that helps in build a smart and connected world. It offers computing, networking, data storage and communications solutions to their customers which comes from different industries (Intel Corporation, 2018). According to Krzanich (2016), the company are currently in the midst of transforming themselves from a traditional PC and server businesses into data-centric organisations. This is due to the growth in the demand of data processing, data analysing, data storing and data transforming in the market (Intel Corporation, 2018). This transformation helps the company to gain more competitive advantages as it provides more services to their customers.

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3.0 Corporate AppraisalThe corporate appraisal or also known as SWOT analysis is used to analyse the internal and external environmental factors that will affects the company growth. 3.1 Internal environment3.1.1 Resource audit3.1.2 Porter’s value chain3.2 External environment3.2.1 PESTLE analysis 3.2.2 Porter’s five forces4.0 Strategic ChangePC-centric company to data-centric company 5.0 Limitations6.0 Conclusion7.0 Recommendation8.0 References9.0 Appendix


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