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1. More than 85% of Australians live within 50 km of the coast zone.2. Australia – is the only country which occupies a whole continent.

3. Australia is one of the least densely populated countries in the world.4. In Australia, electricity prices are considered to be the highest in the world.5. The largest sand island in the world is also in Australia, its name is Fraser.

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6. 50 million years ago, Australia and Antarctica were a single state.7. It is the sixth in the world, among countries, in terms of the size of its territory.8.

In 1880 Melbourne was the richest city in the world.9. 91% of the country’s territory is covered by natural vegetation.10. Boab trees are endemic of Australia. These trees can live for more than 2000 years.11.

Millions of wild camels represent a huge problem for the Australian ecosystem.12. Didgeridoo is wind instrument originated from Australia and is one of the oldest in the world. 13. Australia has the longest fence in the world. Its length is 5.614 km.14.

Australia has three time zones.15. The victory of Australian footballers over the team of American Samoa in the 31 – 0 has become a record for the entire history of international matches.16. Australian camels are imported to Saudi Arabia.17. There are 60 designated wine regions in Australia.

18. The largest coral reef in the world – the Great Barrier Reef, is located in the sea areas of Australia. Its length is 2030 kilometers.19.

Australia was one of the founding countries of the United Nations.20. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living entity on the planet.21. The Melbourne city is the most ‘Liveable City’ in the world.22. In Australia there is the world’s driest lake – Lake Eyre.23.

In 1892, a group of 200 Australians, dissatisfied with the local government, sailed to the shores of Paraguay and founded a colony there – New Australia.24. The head of the country is British king or queen.25.

Before the appearance of people, Australia was home to many unique giant animals.26. Australia became the second country in the world where women received the right to vote.

27. The world’s oldest deposit of fossils was found in Australia 3.4 billion years ago.28. In order to visit all the beaches of Australia, you will need more than 27 years.

29. Australia is a country of immigrants.30. Until 1902, bathing on the beach during the day was illegal.31.

In Australia there is a posinous octopus called Blue-Ringed Octopus. It causes complete paralysis and death in few minutes.32.

Until 1984, Anthem of Australia was “God Save the King / Queen.”33. In the Australian Alps, snowfall is more than in Switzerland.34. Box jellyfish in Australia killed more people than warts, sharks and crocodiles combined.35. Murray River is the longest river of Australia. It is 2,548 km long.

36. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world.37. The average Australian drinks 96 liters of beer per year.38. The world’s longest straight road is in Australia. It is 146 kilometers without any turns.39.

Wine barrels were the invention of Australians.40. Every year in Brisbane, the World Cup in the cockroach races is organized.41. In 1932, the Australian army declared war on the emu population in Western Australia.

Surprisingly, they lost.42. Somehow an Australian tried to sell New Zealand on eBay.43. Voting for election is obligatory in Australia otherwise they have to pay fine.44. Wave Rock in Australia is one of the oldest rock in the world.

45. Australia is in the list of top ten countries with highest standard of living.46. In New South Wales, there is a place where coal burns underground for 5.5 thousand years.47. Australia is among the richest countries in the world.

48. Captain James Cook landed on the eastern coast of Australia in the 1770s.49.

The largest tram network in the world is in Australia’s Melbourne. 50. Canberra was chosen as capital in 1908 as a compromise option, when both Sidney and Melbourne were eager to become the state capitals.51. 63% of Australians are overweight.52. In Western Australia there is a pink water lake called, Lake Hillier.53.

Australia is the only continent on earth with no active volcanoes.54. In Australia Since 1979 no one has died from poisonous spiders.

55. The largest population of Greeks outside Greece is in Melbourne.56. The national foods of Australia are roasted lamb, meat pies and barbecued sausage in bread.57. Australians spend more on gambling than any other country.

58. Melbourne is considered the sports capital of the world because different kinds of sports develop here actively.59. The national gem of Australia is Opal. It produces 97% of world Supply.

60. Australia has the largest pasture in the world. Its area is approximately equal to the territory of Belgium.61. Once the country’s Prime Minister Harold Holt went to swim on the beach Cheviot.

After that, no one else saw him62. Australian football was invented specifically so that cricket players could keep themselves fit in the off-season.63. Durack – the largest electoral district in Australia – is larger than Mongolia.

64. The mandatory seat-belt installation law was first adopted in Victoria in 1970.65. Gay bar in Melbourne has the right not to let women into its premises.

66. Government postponed the televised debates during the election campaign in Australia because it was coincided with the final of the reality show “Master Chef”.67. The first European to visit Australia in 1606 was Willem Janszoon.

68. In the following centuries, many Danish researchers came to Australia who created maps and called the continent “New Holland.69. In the last 50 years, about 50 people have died from a shark bite in Australia.

70. The summer period in Australia lasts from December to February.


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