1. 1977, Bill Gates got arrested for

1. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. 2. William Henry Gates III is the real name of Bill Gates.

3. He said to his teachers that he would be a millionaire at the age of 30.4.

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Bill Gates became a billionaire at the age of 31.5. It was estimated that Bill earns $ 250 per second.6. If Bill Gates gives each person on Earth fifteen dollars, then also he will be left with 5 million more.7.

Bill Gates was one of the top richest people in the world.8. The net worth of Bill Gates is more than $91 billion.9. He wrote his first computer program tic-tac-toe on his school computer.

10. As a teen, he hacked into the school computer and changed the class schedule code, and placed himself with mostly female interesting girls.11.

At the age 17, Gates sold his first computer program, a timetable system for his high school for which he pocketed a $4,200.12. He graduated from Lakeside School, US.13. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on his SATs.14. He went to Harvard in 1973 but after two years he left Harvard to chase his dreams.15.

After dropout from college, he and his childhood friend Paul Allen continue to form software for new generation computer and the company was called Micro-soft.16. In 2007, he earned the honorary degree from Harvard University.17. In 1977, Bill Gates got arrested for driving without a license.18.

During his teenage years, he read the whole World ‘Book Encyclopedia’.19. Bill Gates got married in 1994 with Melinda Gates.20. Melinda Gates was subordinate at Microsoft.21. Bill Gates is a father of three children.22.

Business Adventures by John Brooks is his all-time favorite book. 23. Harvard teachers have different views about Bill Gates, they say- ‘he is a good programmer but a terrible person.’24. In 2010, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet founded a foundation called ‘The Giving Pledge’.

It is joined by world’s billionaire and they donate at least half of their earnings to the foundation for philanthropic causes. 25. He is the CEO of ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’.26. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated around $31.1 billion.

27. The foundation works to save a life, create awareness, to fight against diseases like malaria and polio and to spread education.28. At Microsoft, gates used to memorize the license plates of each employee. 29. Bill Gates says that his children will inherit only 10 million dollars each.30.

Bill gates read 50 books a year.31. He has Gold Card for unlimited fast food from McDonald. 32. In 1994 he purchased Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester for $30 million US.33. According to him, there will be no poor countries by 2035.

34. If Bill Gates spends $1millon in a day, it would take 218 years to complete spend all his money.35. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs relations were not good but when Steve Jobs was dying, he kept a letter on his bedside.36.

Bill Gates’ foundation spends more money every year on world’s health then WHO. 37. Bill Gates says that he will appoint a lazy person to do the work because they will find the easiest way to finish the work early.38.

Bill Gates sold most of the shares of Microsoft to other shareholders.39. In 2013, Bill Gates admitted that Ctrl+Alt+Del was a mistake.

40. He once said that by 2004 spammed email messages problems would be finished.41.

His net worth is 4.5 times more than North Korea’s GDP.42. in 2005, Gates was knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England with the KBE Order for his charity and contributions.

43. If Bill Gates was country and it would be 37th richest country in the world.44. When Bill Gates net worth rise dot $101 billion, the media created a new title ‘centibillionaire’ for him.45. He pays $1 million tax for his house.46. At the time of his marriage to avoid paparazzi, he rented all the helicopters that can fly over the hotel.

47. He booked all the 250 rooms of the hotel where the marriage ceremony was happening.48. He doesn’t allow any Apple products for usage of the kids and his wife.49. Bill Gates is a huge fan of Porsche cars, even his first car was Porsche 911. 50. ‘Do not die’ is on the bucket list of Bill Gates.

51. Bill Gates said that he would never release a 32-bit version of windows but they did it in 1992.52. Another false prediction of Bill Gates was 640 KB of RAM is enough for the user.

53. In 1997 Bill Gates invested $ 150 million in Apple.54. In 209, he acquired the rights of Feynman lectures, so that he can put in online and others can learn. 55. He is the founder of Corbis Corporation, board member of Icos Corporation and he is involved in many more.

56. His great-grandfather was a legislator and mayor, grandfather – vice-president of the State Bank of the State, and his father – a free lawyer.57. Bill Gates is the author of many books.58.

In 2014 he resigned as Microsoft CEO and he is on the Board of Directors now.59. Bill Gates said that internet is not a good idea but soon he corrects himself.60. Bill Gates saved millions of lives by sponsoring the purchase of vaccines and improving the health of the people.


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