1.1 sports. Reebok currently sells footwear, bags, accessories


1 Company BackgroundReebok was instituted as a companion company to Joseph William Foster and Sons, founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. Reebok International Ltd. was formerly known as Reebok USA Limited, Inc. Reebok designs, markets and distributes sports, fitness and casual footwear, apparel as well as equipment.

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It is an international brand that creates and caters sports and lifestyles products build upon a strong legacy.The company’s international headquarters are situated in Canton, United States, with regional offices in Amsterdam, Montreal, Hong Kong and Mexico City. They also operate about 150 factory direct stores.This brand reflects ingenuity and the desire to continuously pursue a fuller life through fitness. Reebok is widely known as one of the world’s leading athletic footwear and apparel markers.

The company first gained their popularity by opening up a new market for athletic shoes and exercise shoes for women who are interested in fashion as well as function. Subsequently, they started to expand into other sports and products and by seeking business around the world. The company offers their products to a range of customers from professional athletes to recreational runner and kids who are into sports.

Reebok currently sells footwear, bags, accessories such as caps, bottle, socks and apparel in the sports, fitness, and casual sector. It serves customers through its retail stores and other sports retailer in the United States and internationally. 1.

2 Reebok in SingaporeThere are only 4 direct outlets of Reebok in Singapore. Other than that, they can usually be found in Royal Sporting House which is located at various outlets. Reebok in Singapore offers different types of sport shoes and they are all categorised accordingly based on the sports performance such as, running shoes, training shoes, lifestyle shoes as well as studio shoes. Same goes to their apparels and accessories which they provide different types of product lines and categories. ?2.

REEBOK COMPETITORS2.1 Reebok closest CompetitorsBased on a research, Nike and Fila are known to be the two closest competitors to Reebok compared to the rest of other brands that have been shared in the previous page. a) Nike Nike was formed in 1964 and acquired its name from the Greek victory goddess in 1978. It is the international number one apparel and shoe company. Nike is a successful and innovative marketing company. The company continuously sets new trends and develops new products year after year.

With the addition of manufacturing good quality athletic shoes, and other products, Nike has launched many successful marketing campaigns. As a result, this is becoming the topmost competitor of Reebok.The company gets its reputation from the fact that it designs, manufactures and sells only quality varieties of products that are really needed when playing soccer, basketball and running among other athletic activities.Women, men, and children training have all become easier and more interesting courtesy of Nike as it sells sports-inspired products for all these groups and classes of people.

Various recreational and competitive activities such as tennis, golf, and walking have their products having been branded Converse and Hurley, which is Nike’s marketing branding.Similarities between Nike and Reebok• Both offer a lot of product lines and categories such as apparel, running and training shoes.• Both focus more on core sports Differences between Nike and Reebok• Positive- Reebok’s shoes are more affordable than Nike.• Negative- Reebok is not as highly advanced compared to Nike.• Both are reachable and can be purchased through websiteb) Fila Fila saw that it was fit for exercisers to stay fit in style. The company, which has its subsidiary in Korea, designs, develops and markets leisure shoes, sportswear, athletic brand as well as other sports accessories. Through Fila’s website as well as at some of the major stores such as Foot Locker and Kohl’s, these ranges of products are sold.

One thing that has made Fila U.S.A give Reebok a big problem is its diversity in what it offers the sporting sector. Unlike Reebok that mainly specializes in running and training shoes, Fila deals in basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, running and yoga inspired sportswear as well as sports-inspired street wear.

Though Adidas is still a powerhouse when compared with Fila, the advertisement & marketing campaigns put in place by Fila will make it pass Reebok in the near future if the latter doesn’t up to its game.Similarities between Fila and Reebok• Both offer full product lines in categories like running, jogging, yoga and etc.• Both are reachable and can be purchased through websiteDifferences between Fila and Reebok• Fila produces more stylish and white colour shoes compared to Reebok• Fila more affordable than Reebok.

2.2 Rationale choice of the chosen CompetitorsI chose Nike and Fila since they are the most competitive competitors compared to the other branded brands. Just like Reebok, both Nike and Fila sell different product lines to different group of people. Nike owns more than 1000 retail stores compared to Reebok, also due to its tremendous presence and revenue, as well as the brand valuation, Nike is the highest among all the competitors.

As for Fila, they provide more sporting sector compared to Reebok. They produce their own golf shoes specifically for those who play golf. Hence, this could be the factor of why Fila is one of the Reebok’s upmost competitors. 3. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR 3.1 Consumer Involvement Reebok has its own high and low involvements which varies on the consumers. Low involvement is when consumers make a quick decision making and has gathered information on the product beforehand. If the product is inexpensive, it poses a low risk for the consumer because they know they make a mistake on purchasing it but they don’t feel regret as it is inexpensive in the first place.

As for high involvement, they need some time to gather as much information about the product before purchasing it. Hence, this will lead them to making slow decisions as the need more attention and advanced understanding on the products.Based on a research, consumers for reebok tend to have high involvements when it comes to purchasing different type of sports shoe. They tend to make a comparison between other sport shoes like Nike and Fila as they also have varieties of sports shoes provided.

If the consumer prefers a comfortable, simple yet high branded shoe, they may face a bit difficulty as there are also other brands that offer the same thing. In terms of price and quality, they may choose other brands that are cheaper and normal quality than Reebok. Compared to Reebok, Fila offer slightly lower prices than Reebok. Hence, this may lead the consumers to make slow decisions as they need to make more comparison to other products that may sell a bit cheaper yet high quality than Reebok. As for low involvement, if the consumer is loyal to the brand, they may still purchase the brand without having better understanding about the other brands.

1) my research paper in the form

1) Astrology is not considered a science as it does not have explanatory power to describe the universe. science requires to follow strict principles known as scientific method but astrology does not follow this method. Astrology is a matter of chance, if it would be science we could get the precise, accurate and specific information. According to Popper’s criticism on naive empiricist astrology is a pseudo-empirical, it can be experimented and observed but it does not conforming to scientific standards.3) Let me give an overview of research process in my understanding: firstly, we need to identify reasearch topic what I want to find about. Then, we define the research problem and set the research question. we already know what is known about this topic but what remains to be known?! So, we try to define the relation that questions emerge with the topic of interest.

At the next level, we try to determine how to conduct this research. it means, I need to find the way how to answer the questions. So, what information do I need to answer the questions – is the information collection level of research process.Information analysis and interpretation level is what I managed to find by using methods, tools and techniques to collect and analyse information. At the end, I write my research paper in the form of report, journal, article, thesis or dissertation.

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I need to summarize the information I found in the applicable for me form.4) Karl Popper is the prominent proponent of the theory-then-research strategy. He claims that there is a progress in science when conjectures are produced first and then disprove them through empirical research. this means that our reasearch is guided by our theoretical proposition.

Data should be collected so that theory can be tested. While the proponent of reasearch-then-theory strategy , Robert Menton argues that this strategy creates new problem for theory that constructs new theoretical formulations which means that through piecing together the explanation and understanding, we make up a theory.5) An ecological fallacy is an assumption of that relationships apply at a group level also apply at an individual level. for example. My friend is from Japan. He is the most intelligent person I ave ever seen.

This means people from Japan tend to be highly intelligent but that does not mean that every one from Japan is intelligent. He does not seem intelligent just because he is from Japan.6) A relationship observed between two variables that is not consequence of any direct relationship but is incorrectly appeared to be related to each other due to the role of third variable, the fact is called a spurious relationship. for example: if we take asian americans, 60% of people between 25 and 29 have already completed college. while the rate of white people is 40%, the rate of black people is much more less just 23%.

while looking at this picture, we can consider that race has an impact on educational attainment. this is an example of spurious relationship where race does not have an effect but it is racism that mediates the relationship between 2 variables. 11) Confidence interval is the amount of uncertainty a sample population estimate (the mean or proportion) of a true population. if we want to determine the average age of victims of robbery in Azerbaijan, we can say 30 years old. But the best answer is to define interval of true answer that lays in 20-40 years old. the Confidence interval is a sample mean or proportion plus or minus to calculate upper limit and lower limit of sample statistics. In this case, upper limit is 40, lower limit is 20.

before calculating we should choose either 90%, 95% or 99% of confidence level.this is amount of uncertainty. the true population will be presented in 90%, 95% or 99% of all sample estimated CI. it also means that 10%, 5% or 1% would not contain true population score. Then we keep going to calculate CI by using mean.12) Longitudinal study is a research design that deals with the collection and analysis of data over period of time. Longitudinal research design tracks the same variables that are growing, developing or changing over long or short period of time. for instance.

For example: If we experiment changes for George W. Bush on the pre and post 2000 election surveys and the pre and post 2002 election surveys. the question is: how respondents felt toward George W. Bush as a result of the election?13) Validity and reliability are the most important elements of quality of test. Validity is about providing strong evidence: what do we measure? are we measuring what we wish to measure? Reliability is repeatability and consistency of questions. what characteristics are measured and how well?Questions are indicators, so we should ensure a variety of question types. they can be either open ended or multiple choices. if the questions are open ended it means they are more valid than reliable, on the contrary if they are multiple choices, it means they are more reliable than valid.

14) In order to transform concept of terrorism into a variable, we need to operationalize concept firstly, and go through the process of identifying indicators and then variables. In other words, we can transform concept into variables directly or through indicators. concept of Terrorism is caused by many possible reasons. I am going to identify multiple indicators that cause a terrorism. terrorism can be observed both in rich and poor countries regardless type of government. from my perspective, root causes of terrorism are: economic factors (variables:social inequality, economic sanctions, unemployment), political factors(variables:government repression, human rights) and social factors (variables:human development, religion). So, terrorism is dependent variable. We know more reasons that lead to terrorism than how terrorism influence on other factors.

15) It is hypothesized that battered/coerced women violence is accepted as a justification for self-defense in homicide cases over the past decade . In my hypothesis, it is the prediction of the relationship between variables. It is valid because it is falsifiable or testable and may undergo changes until research progresses. 18) Operationalization is part of the empirical research process.

for example: how to measure rationality in international relations: Does rationality have great impact in international relations? Both international relations and rationality need to be measured. The concepts and their relationship are important — operationalization is occured within a broader framework of concepts. When empirical research question is broad it must be operationalized before the data collection.


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