1.Communication which is very important in our

1.Communication is defined as a process affected by the people and the environment in which this two-way process take place. People communicate for various reasons.

We communicate because we won’t ask about something, choose something, refused something or tell to other what we need and what we want. It is called Instrumental communication. On the second way we communicate because we want to describe something, give someone instruction, obtain information or give one or more personal information which is very important in our workplace. For example during a “hand over” we give information about our student day, health which helps a lot with work with them. People communicate because they want shares ideas and express their feelings and thoughts.(Expressive communication). People also communicates for social reasons- social communication, they won’t build the relationship, friendship, attract attention or maintain the relationship.

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6. There is a lot of barriers to communications, there are:1) environmental barriers. In a noisy environment, we may have a problem to hear someone, what our interlocutor said or we can not be available pass to someone our answer and messages.

We can not be even available to formulate our thoughts. Also If we feel too cold, too hot or not comfortable this can affect the lowering quality exchange of information that takes a place. The other environmental barrier can be poor light, we can not see properly facial and body expression.2) emotional barriers.

Some of the emotions can affect problems with communication. For example, when we are stress or distress we may have a problem with answering the questions. We often see how stress and stage fright before the show causes the text to be forgotten by the interlocutor. We also have a problem with communication if we are anxious, some certain issues during communication may create anxiety. If we are angry or in shock about what the other person said or what was their opinion. Bad emotions can cause a problem with effective listening and receive information.3) clinical barriers.

There is a range of clinical barriers, such as mental health problems, psychological based communication disorders, learning difficulties, and disabilities which we meet in Priors Court. It also can be a use of different languages, jargons or dialect, and specific accent, dyslexia or literacy issues.4) attitudinal barriers like arrogance, lack of respect or prejudice can generate barriers to communication between member staff. So very important is try to recognize that attitudinal barriers. 5. Some children and young people are not available to use verbal communication for many reasons but they still can use different communication form. One alternative form is our behavior.

For example, when we are sleepy, we communicate to others that we are tired, or a baby is crying because of feel for example fear. People behave very often are a certain way to communicate with people. Some of the children in special need use pictures or object to communicate with other. Yang people also use touch to communicate with us, for example, if they want to communicate what they want at this moment, they can direct your hand or point at an object. Some of then use sounds, smell, drawing, writing to communicate what they want. One of the most important thing it is to know about the to communicate with individual people.


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