1. of alternatives. Awareness sets – Consideration


Rational decision making perspective – how most would like to make decisions with carful purchases, that are well informed and diligently compared with adequate time.Behavioral influence decision making perspective – decisions that are swayed by the environment and the learned responses of our senses. Simply put it’s the sounds, sites, and smells that guide our decisionsExperiential decision making – decisions that are often driven by pleasure and are largely hedonic in value and are feeling based.2.

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All possible outcomes to a consumer’s problem are what are commonly referred to as the Universal set of alternatives. Awareness sets – Consideration (“evoked”) – Those alternatives that are deemed acceptable and worthy of additional consideration.Inept Set – Those alternatives that are the opposite the consideration and ultimately deemed unacceptable.Inert Set – The alternatives that are middle ground and strong opinions (good or bad) are not present, more of indifference.3.

Product categories are the mental representations of stored knowledge about groups of products.Superordinate categories are the broad look at products while subordinate categories are more narrowed and detailed. An example of a subordinate category would be shoes while a subordinate category of shoes would be tennis shoes, running shoes, flip-flops, “boat” shoes, etc.4. Conjustion rule – essentially sets a baseline requirements and eliminates all options not meeting that baseline.Dijunctive rule – again assumes all attributes are equal and sets a high bar that must be met by at least one attribute.Lexicographic rule – decision based on the highest rating for the most important attribute.Eliminating by aspects rule (EBA) – this is a process of elimination, setting the baseline then going through the attributes from most important to least that exceed the baseline.


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