1. holds the 60% of total Amazon

1. The first name given to Brazil by the colonialists was “Terra do Santa Cruz” – “land of the Holy Cross.”2. In terms of population, Brazil takes the 5th place.

3. Brazil prepares the most delicious coffee drinks. 4. The largest and richest city in Brazil is Sao Paulo.5. There is no official religion in this country.

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6. In Brazil, in each apartment, there are about 3 bathrooms7. the capital of Brazil, Brasilia was built in just 41 days.8.

Brazil has the most brutal police.9. No one arrives on time in Brazil.10. Approximately 1.5 million Japanese lives in Brazil, it is the largest number of people outside Japan.11. In Brazil, about 15% of the population cannot read and write.

12. Women in Brazil got voting rights in 1946.13. Brazil was the first country in South America to allow women in armed forces.14.

Brazil holds the 60% of total Amazon Rainforest. 15. There are 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Brazil.16. Brazil is considered the largest producer of apples.

17. Alone Brazil occupies half of South America’s total landmass.18.

When married, women in Brazil do not change names, but simply combine 2 names.19. Portuguese ruled Brazil for more than 300 years.20.

The Brazilian national team has won FIFA World Cup 5 times.21. Almost all cars in Brazil go on biofuel.

22. Brazilians are considered the most talkative people.23. The national sport of Brazil is football, therefore in all cities of this state, there is at least 1 stadium.24. Cocoa is considered to be the favorite drink of Brazilian people.

25. Cheese bread is considered a classic breakfast for all Brazilians.26.

In Brazil, there is the largest tropical forest.27. At night, drivers in Brazil are allowed to ride when the traffic light is red.28. In Brazil, the crime rate is very high.29.

Brazil has the largest number of species of plant, mammal and freshwater fish in the world. 30. Till 1961, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil.31. In ancient times, Brazil was a colonial state.32.

There are about 4,000 airports in Brazil.33. Traffic Jams in big cities of Brazil is so common and can reach up to waiting for 3-4 hours.34. Brazilian speak the Portuguese language. 35. In total, about 6% of the country’s population live in slums.36.

The largest stadium in Brazil is Maracana, it has the capacity of more than 78,000 thousand people. 37. Brazil is the member of UNESCO.38. Only Brazilian athletes participated in all world championships.

39. Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee.40. Here flows the largest river in the world – the Amazon. 41. Baia do Sancho beach is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Brazil.42.

Every year in Brazil visits 6 million tourists.43. Brazil carnival lasts for 4 days and it is declared a national holiday.44. The national dish of Brazil is Feijoada.45. In Sao Paulo outdoor advertising is ban.46.

Smoking in public is banned in Brazil, even E-cigarettes are banned. 47. Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is the biggest festival of the world.48. Brazilians are an open and positive people.

They like dancing, beer, and football.49. São Vicente is the oldest city in Brazil.

50. the 40-meter-high statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.51. Only in Brazil, there is a law that allows you to reduce your prison sentence for reading books.52.

Jaguar is the national animal of Brazil.53. In Brazil, 15% of the world’s fresh water is concentrated.54. Pico da Neblina is the highest mountain in Brazil.55. There are three time zones in Brazil.56.

The life expectancy of Brazil is 75 years.57. Brazil has more species of monkeys than any other country.58. Bororo is the group of people in Brazil who all have the same blood group ‘O’.59.

There are approximately 4 million plants in Brazil.60. Christmas is considered the main event in Brazil.


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