1) disclose criminal convictions, even those spent.

1) Reflect on the impact of the current Legislation, regulations and agreed ways of working and professional codes on the recruitment process. As a manager I must follow many Legislations, working in the Health and social care environment we must follow the code of practice. The recruitment process is the duty of management to recruit the appropriate individual to maintain the safety and protection of vulnerable adults (service user).

DBS – Discloser and Barring Service is used in our organisation, the DBS used to be known as CRB – Criminal Records bureau using the DBS helps our organisation to make safer recruitment decisions, applicants are asked to disclose criminal convictions, even those spent. Presious Healthcare Ltd considers equality and discrimination, when writing adverts, we will include personal specification. Under the Equality Act 2010 the individual be treated fairly we will not discriminate in the environment and promote equality right to work.

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In the recruitment process we will take into consideration the experience, relevant skills, temperament, attitude, ability to work alone or as a team member, flexibility, time management, etc. This means that any decisions make though the recruitment process will be made upon the individuals ability to satisfy the requirements of the job description and person specification. Presious Healthcare Ltd aims to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of the individual, we carry out references this give feedback regarding the individual, all new staff are on a probation period, during this period their work performance will be assessed, we then consider the outcome and may need to extend the probation period for further training


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