1. Terracotta Krater Current location 2. A

1. An 8th Century Greek pot decorated in the Geometric styleArtist name: Hirschfeld PainterTitle of artwork: Attic Geometric Krater Date: 750-735 B.CMedium: Terracotta KraterCurrent location 2. A 7t Century Greek pot decorated in the Orientalizing style.Artist name: Polyteleia painterTitle of artwork: Terracotta DinoDate: 630-615 B.CMedium: TerracottaCurrent location:3.a Greek black figure pot with a scene involving HeraklesArtist name: unknownTitle of art: statue of ZeusDate: 460 B.C Medium: BronzeCurrent location:6.Artist name: unknownTitle of art:Date: Medium:Current location:7.Artist Name: unknownTitle of the artwork: Statue of ZeusDate:460 B.CMedium: BronzeCurrent Location:8Artist name: Praxiteles Title of art: Aphrodite of KnidosDate 4th century B.C Medium: fine marbleCurrent location9.` Artist name: Title of art: Date Medium:Current location:


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