1-Abstract other assumed pounds, which resulted in a

1-AbstractOrganizations experience setbacks and, in general, the severity of the problems they face are proportional to their objectives.Mars Climate Orbiter was built in the mid and late 90’s, Mars Climate Orbiter was equipped with the most advanced technology of its time, and had dual redundant systems and copies of triple redundancy software.

It was launched in December 1998. In September 1999, it approached Mars and tried to enter orbit. Then – poof – came out of radio contact! Two days later, it was officially declared “lost”. The probe ventured too close to Mars, fell into its atmosphere and disintegrated. the probe lost its objective. A software error One part of the code dealt with Newton, while the other assumed pounds, which resulted in a difference of ~ 90 km in the predicted and actual altitude.they have spent $ 193.

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1 million on the development of spacecraft, $ 91.7 million on the launch and $ 42.8 million on operations just for the ship to sink into the Martian atmosphere due to two programmers. 2.

IntroductionMars Climate Orbiter was a space probe designed to be a smaller and less expensive medium to explore Mars after the loss of Mars Observer 1993 and was launched on the Delta 2 launch vehicle on December 11, 1998. Its mission is to act as an interactive satellite and communications interface for Planet Mars Lander. Together, Mars, Mars and Mars, the planetary map of Mars on the surface of Mars, the biography of the structure of the atmosphere, was to try to detect ice deposits from the surface of the earth and explore the effects of groundwater . Understand its history and its potential to maintain, Egypt has maintained, life.

Now, there is one thing to say that NASA launched “Mars around Mars,” and another to understand what it really means. After the launch, the probe reached the final speed of 5.5 km per second, in a trajectory of 669 million kilometers to Mars. The orbiter took more than nine months to reach the point where it could begin to enter the orbit of Mars.

This is a long time for the navigation of dollars’ worth of one million dollars, flying in space, fast and far. Before starting to see the error that occurred in this case, it only takes a minute for everything to go well.


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