1.)Article-No world. However there is no measurement

1.)Article-No One Told YouThere are a lot of ethical issues in today’s business world. However there is no measurement for perfect solution.One of the major issues happens in business ethichs.What’s Business Ethics?Business ethics is the behaviours that ,people who is related with business or doing business directly determine and hold onto it.This term became populer in USA at early 1970’S and also at 1980’S corporations started to specify their business ethics.(”The Society for Business Ethics, a global insttute that deals wth business ethics and application of moral principles was formed in 1980.

”). What if we  In a Free, Unregulated Self-Ethics ModelIf we determine the business ethics by individually ,then every person who have bad intention can do bad things which is we called unethical .For example, A few producers can collectively skimp on supply to increase market prices, a few strong buyers may collectively reduce demand till prices fall and a single entity can capture the entre supply chain and refuse its services to the free market and reserve them for the best price.For that’s why examples and other situations which may happen.We need to regulate business ethics because of prevent that unethical problems. What are the problems we facing in the industry.

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For instance,Industry Wide Ethical IssuesOne of the major problems in business ethics is these issues have not a routiene schedule its widespreaded through in whole industry.Moreover, labor related issues is the most common unetchical issues in the industry for example,bribing rival companies employee,employee harassment etc. other examples.

Also, issues with production process is common issues to for instance,testing on animals or using bad resources etc.Company Specfic Ethical IssuesSome companies have specific issues,There are many more issues that some companies do spesific unethical things such as dumping,indulgngi n accounting manipulatons to generate secret reserves or to show higher or lower profits as per convenence,selling obsoloncence goods(the goods that create demand for future goods).Fot these and other reasons someone lookover these etchical consquencis and problems to help and protect the environment,customer,producer almost everyone in this supply chain.2.) Article-Danish MustshafaThis articles have similarities with the first one in this article they explain business ethics in the same way they explain the good and bad,right or wrong in business ethics its basically doing good and right things is ethical but bad and wrong things are unethical for example,”Fairness in business dealings means being objective and having an interest in creating a win-win situation for both parties whether that is employer-employee or company-client”.Due to increasing emphaties these ethics gets more attention over in last 30 -40 years and gets variety perspective and direction but this field struck in solisution due to unproper directions.In the past, business ethics is all about and related with rules and regulations with in a business also in the compeny but nowaday’s top managers and business owners concept’s and perspective of past approach is insufficent and far from the issues to handle these issues.In today’s business ethics have a variety of different issues for example,professional ethics .

  Employee right issues which can be further divided into different categories,functional areas of business  and etc.Nowadays,issues like fairness,justice and honesty is the biggest dilemma in business ethics also, bad behaviours and wrong decisions have impact the companies goodwill and reputation in markets. If the company ethics consider their profit gain and the legalize to determine the ethics  their behavior became irrelavant because they not consider the right or wrong.Business Function EthicsA.) MarketingBasically all about understanding the 4p (Product,Place,Promotion,Price) it defines what is marketing  and what is marketeers doing related with whomB.)Accounting EthicsBasically,help in understanding of business code of ethics, besides the profit and loss, balance sheets and financial statements.In addition,enhance the financial figures and taxes etc.

which manipulated at the sheets these kind of things is unethical in this ethics.Fundimantal IssuesIntegrity and the trust is the most ethical fundamantal issues in business ethics.If the company and business owners want to good reputation these 2 factors is the key element of the gain the trust of customer and the other business owners which is related to sanme business.

In addtion there are subissues with in this ethics such as,diversity,decision-making,compliance and governance issues.Diversity Issues:Diversity begins with recruting a diverce workforce to get that you nee to give all employees the same equal right and tranings to sucseed at these ethics if you sucseed this ethic you get maximize the the value of each employee’s contribution and it’s a key element in your business’s success and to become more successfull.Decision-Making Issues:Basically,protecting the workers and customer rights and make sure of fairness at every step on decision making to protect common goods.Compliance and Governance Issues:Businesses are expected to consider and obey the environmental laws, federal and state safety regulations and company needs to sure no one break the law in any way or gp against compaines rules and regulations.Social Networking Ethics:Employees need to think twice before do any  mistake or sharing any post on socail media because unethical things they do in this platform  may cost theri job.Because the unethical thing they do not just effect the person himself that mistake can create big impact on company too.

And last but not least 🙂 Sexual Harassment ?n Workplace : I think this is the most major ethic. Because,there’s never an excuse or a justifiable reason for harassment of any kind in any workplace it’s againts the law ,it’s against the humanity ,it’s againts everything.At the end of this article,writer compared advantages and disadvantages of business ethicsThese are the advantages:• Good will of the firm hikes depending on its responds towards it ethical issues• Productivity through rigid, firm and sincere workers as well as other business chain members.• Through increasing morale and trust business can increase their market share,• Publicity due to well and ethical performance of the company.

‘Words of mouth’ is the fastest and best source to gain market. Thus a good performance will helps in publicity through words of mouth of general public. • Acceptance of product. For example : most of consumers prefer classmates notebook of ITC just because it is eco-friendly and also it contributes a part of its profit for social welfare.And these are the Disadvantages:• Business ethics reduce a company’s freedom to maximize its profit..• Diversity in achievements.

For example. A company may diverse from its achievements and turn towards any other directions.• Extra expenditure in some cases. For example, in some cases company may incur extra cost for solving certain ethical issues like accident compensation, solution for pollutions etc.

 3.)Article- by Danialle GangoneAt the intro she mentinoed about the ethics and how ethics is the part of the every aspect of human then she mentioned today’s ethics and business ethics.In Addition,there are major sources in today’s international business ethics she gave examples about dilemma’s such as corruption in company or paying a governmental clerk this kind of act directly corrupt the company and business itself these kind of unethical business moves is mostly common in developed or underdeveloped countries.For prevent this act’s in USA ,government create a new rules and regulations at late 70s which is called  FCPA – Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,(Offering or paying some amounts of money to different political parties, candidates or foreign public clerks,  Forms of indirect payment )Moreover,there are some managers who works in transnational corporations and they need to use ethics to make the business rights that’s why the managers need to follow the principles like,respecting the basic human rights ,respecting local traditions,making the difference between good and bad by examining the context .They need to respond to demand of ethical manner if they aplly it and if they want to apply they need to use some methods.

Such as,donations in money , donations in goods or services, donations in jobs These international managers also faces with some major ethical dilemmas all through the world and these dilemmas also have major sources for inststance, corruption,industrial espionage,relation with the environment,relation with employees and the customers.”FUNDAMENTAL ETHICAL ISSUECorruption: Is it ethical to make a payment to a governmental clerk providing it depends on succeeding in a business? Industrial espionage Is it ethical to use some information about the competitors’ activity, obtained through methods that are at the edge of the law? (spying and getting info about the rival comapnies) Relation with the environment: Is the organizational behavior ethical, though it has the possibility to go over the environment standards imposed by the legislation, staying competitive, is satisfied to respect them? Relation with the employees: Is it an ethical behavior for the organization to apply different personnel policies regarding employment, promotion and remuneration of the employees on different markets where it acts? Relation with the consumers :Is it ethical for the behavior of an organization which does not completely inform its target consumers about the features of the offered product and which has big prices for the key products in order to maintain the consumers’ health and life, even though the legislation in the host country allows it?  ”At the end like every bad behaviours resulting with consequences unethical business ethics have consequences too.These are the some consequences in the articleCONSEQUENCES OF UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSThe process of resulting consequences goes simple like this1.) Violating the business ethical principles > 2.) Wasting the company resources to hide the unethical behaviors > 3.) Affecting the fame/reputation of the organization > 4.) Losing various clients and business partners > 5.

) The company dissapearance.At the conclusion basically, with in personal manner, if you insist the do unethical thinngs you will be excluded from the society and with in business manner ,if the companies insist to do unethical behaviour.In time,they lose their,goodwill,trust of the customer,their market palce,reputation and image the company in time this kind of acts have really serious consequnces. That’s why the componu who is insist do unethical behaivour it demolish itself and will dissepear after the time pass.


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