1. 2017). Similarly, China is improving the city

1.  Saudi Arabia recently announced “NEOM” a city on the coast of the Red Sea connected to Egypt and Jordan. According to crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, “it will be powered by clean energy and will have no room for anything traditional”. This project will be trying to copy the concept of the free zone that was pioneered by Dubai.

If “NEOM” becomes successful than tourism in UAE will be affected with Dubai suffering due to a direct competitor in the region as tourism and related activities will be diverted to “NEOM” also. (Alaa Shahine, 2017).  Similarly, China is improving the city of “Hainan”.

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This city is said to be the place where Hawaii meets Dubai. It is slowly becoming popular with both Chinese and European travelers. It has also built manmade island called as Phoenix Island. They are building another man-made island in the shape of yin-yang. “Hainan is the largest special economic zone, the only international tourist island, and the first tourist model construction zone in China,” says Wei Kailei, dean of the College of Tourism at Hainan University. (Westcott, 2017)  2. We know Abu Dhabi produce 94% of total energy produced in UAE.

But due to continuous use, it is fast eroding. Renewable energy has become economically attractive in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates (UAE). If UAE is able to increase country’s total energy mix by 10% and power generation by 25% then it can have a yearly saving of about USD 1.9 billion by 2030, since it will reduce its consumption of fossil-fuel and which will reduce the energy cost. When we factor in the indirect cost savings like health and environmental benefits, UAE can generate additional net annual savings of USD 1 billion to as much as USD 3.7 billion by 2030. These solar and wind energies producing hubs can be developed in such a way so that they can act as tourist spots like built by China in the shape of a giant panda.

(Renewable Energy Prospects: United Arab Emirates, 2015)      3.  In a recent report in Khaleej Times, in the challenging economy of 2017 tourism has been a huge revenue generation for UAE. Although Dubai has real attractions like the Burj Khalifa, which has dependably been a feature goal, new attractions like the Dubai Trench and Dubai Stops and Resorts have additionally been very prominent. Likewise observe improvements in the neighboring emirates with Louver Abu Dhabi or the regular magnificence of the Northern Emirates that has accomplished consideration as of late.

There has been a shift in tourist as western regions are being replaced by China, south-east Asia among other countries. According to figures released by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, the capital witnessed an 18 per cent annual increase in hotel guest arrivals during October, with 418,883 guests checking into the emirate’s 163 hotels and hotel apartments.  (Sadaqat, 2017) UAE is transforming into a huge aviation hub with Dubai International Airport replacing London Heathrow Airport as the world busiest for international travelers. During the 2014 Dubai Airshow, Etihad Airways ordered 86 Boeing 777/787s while Emirates ordering equipment worth $99 billion including 150 Boeing 777s and 50 Airbus A380s. Also, UAE is leading in terms of tourism due to it bring more globally-attuned in terms of socio-political shifts in public and private sectors. (Oates, 2014)   


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