1 used in CS department of COMSATS Attock

1 Literature Review1.1 Existing SystemExisting applications are Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail etc. are also used for document sharing purposes but all of these apps are informal, everyone can register on these applications and make use of these apps on their desired way.

Faculty student sharing application is a formal app only used in CS department of COMSATS Attock campus. Only for students and faculty members.1.1.1 Problem StatementEach teacher creates his/her own separate group for different subjects. On different sites such as yahoo, Facebook, Gmail etc.The problem is that every student is not a user of all such sites.

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In manual system it is also very hard to check all the group. If we create a seprate formal group then all student can access document according to their subject requirements.Manual procedure is very time consuming.no one can have a lot of time that can check all the accounts for different subjects and check the notification for assignments and quizzes or any new update that takes a huge time to access all accounts for lectures especially in exams.Following Issues were identified in existing system:• Accessing all accounts is very time consuming.• It is also very hard to check different accounts for different subjects.

• Everyone is not user of all social sites.• All sites are social but this app will be used only for CS department, this is a formal application only for students and faculty member.1.2 Proposed solutionOur project will therefore be the Android based application to allow faster and easy to access document, search anyone of registered person, chat with each other receive any new update and notification.The system we proposed is based on multiple objectives.

The main purpose of this system is document sharing, to provide better facilities and to manage the records involve in the system. For security reasons each and every member have to register in the application whether he/she is faculty or student.This system can replace CR/GR system because each and every teacher can make announcements in groups of their subjects.• This project has a login page which allows only the registered user to login and thereby preventing unauthorized access.• The android mobile user will be able make quick download from anywhere using internet.• Usage of this application will greatly reduce time in software document sharing• This system can be used to view all the group, notification and Our system is more affective in every perspective.

It is time saving as well as manage in less cost.All students and faculty members can search any other register user of a respective department.


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