1. by offering them quantity discounts (e.g. Buy

1.     The four main domains of the online marketing that can boost sales for Flexcar are:·       Business-to-ConsumerSelling goods and/or services online to the final consumers is one of the important facets of e-commerce. Sales for Flexcar can be boosted by increasing their number of customers by offering them quantity discounts (e.

g. Buy more, save more), offer an upgrade (e.g.

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for just some little more dollars, they can get a fancier car), offer more discounts on longer commitments, and offer them car delivery at door-step.·       Business-to-BusinessB2B trading networks, auction sites, product catalogues, barter sites, and other online mediums such as Alibaba.com, QualityTrade.com can help explore more business opportunities for Flexcar. With small investments and greater returns, B2B trading portals can provide Flexcar access to millions of buyers and sellers, help automate their sales, boost search engine rankings, provide marketing research platform and an effective tool for business branding.

It is an ideal place for Flexcar to expand their Business Network. ·       Consumer-to-ConsumerThe internet provides excellent means to the consumers for buying goods/services or exchanging information directly with each other. Flexcar can partner with these online portals such as ebay.

com and other auction sites to sell their services online. For example, consumers with Flexcar memberships can sell their service when not in use on these portals at less price to influence new customers. ·       Consumer-to-BusinessIn the present digital age of marketing, consumers can search out sellers easily on the Web, learn about their offers and products, initiate demands and give feedback. Today, the consumers are finding it easier to communicate with companies through the internet and companies as well are inviting the prospects to submit their suggestions and feedback through their website. Using the internet, consumers can make deals and drive transactions with the companies. For example, using Priceline.

com, would-be buyers can bid for airline tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, and even home mortgages, leaving the sellers to decide whether to take up their offer or not. Flexcar can partner with such portals to share their car rental platform on C-to-B online portals.If you can’t measure the sales, you can’t improve them. So, for these business objectives identified by Flexcar, it’s important to have the right tools in place to track their performance. Flexcar should use Google Analytics to help them make smart business decisions and keep them from getting side-tracked by vanity metrics (socialmediatoday.

com, 2016). By following an analytics-focused approach, Flexcar can track social strategies and tactics and can measure their progress towards achieving their business objectives. 


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