1.Telepresence rehab centers, clinics, or other low acuity

1.Telepresence robots: These robots has designed products for use in both high acuity and low acuity environments, to meet the demands of healthcare. 1.

1 Viewpoint: This is designed for low acuity system with the flexibility in how they scale access to high quality and reliable care by leveraging the InTouch tele health network.These help to  scalable solution to extend remote care into skilled nursing, long term care, rehab centers, clinics, or other low acuity use cases. 1.2 Vici cart: This is integrated with a streamline cart design & viewpoint software.

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Which have following advantages: Improves communication clarity with its dual audio modes, lockable drawer for safe storage of accessories, multiple screens allow for viewing of remote physician, peripheral devices and electronic medical records. 1.3 Xpress: This is an reliable & secure, robust solutions for enabling secure real time connections to patients anywhere. This provides: Optimized viewing of patients with its pan tilted zoom camera, Improves communication with its dual audio modes, active monitoring systems enables hand on functions through medical device connection.

1.4 Vita:Vita is the most advanced robotic device incorporating an array of intuitive, easy-to-use features that encourage physician adoption and clinical use. Vita can improve the independence of the remote clinician in managing patient care. 1.5 Lite: InTouch Lite is a convenient, cost-effective moveable platform which: 1.5.1 Optimizes viewing of patients and others in the room with its pan-tilt-zoom camera system 1.5.2 Improves communication clarity with its directional audio modes 1.5.3 Improves “hands-on” functions with a stethoscope, a privacy headset, and ports that permit connection to other diagnostic tools 1.6 Vantage: Vantage is a lightweight portable solution that enables access and improves affordability for use in more facilities and procedures.


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