1- Rich Romans lived in large and luxurious

1- The kiss after the marriage ceremony came to us from Ancient Rome.
2- In ancient Rome, rich residents instead of napkins and towels during the feast wiped their hands on the heads of curly children.
3- After the death of the emperor, the eagle was released to take the soul to heaven. The eagle was the symbol of the God of Jupiter.
4- Ancient Romans were the first to make toilets.
5- The Coliseum was the largest arena and hosted more than 200,000 spectators.
6- Julius Caesar introduced the leap year.
7- Saturnalia – a large annual festival in ancient Rome in honor of the God of Saturn.
8- About 40% of the ancient Roman population was slaves.
9- Residents of ancient Rome were very fond of bloody spectacles, so bloody scenes could be seen not only in gladiatorial fights, but also in ordinary theaters
10- The attitude towards medicine was the most serious in Ancient Rome, if the patient died during surgery, the doctor was cut off.
11- Emperor Caligula once declared war on Neptune (Sea God) and ordered to throw spears at sea.
12- In ancient Rome, there were their own dentists, and the Romans themselves were very concerned about the teeth.
13- Rich Romans lived in large and luxurious mansions. Those wishing to get inside had to knock: either with a special ring or with a wooden beater.
14- The occupation of prostitution in ancient Rome was considered completely normal and legal occupation.
15- The spell “abracadabra”, familiar from childhood, came from Rome.
16- The Romans left their house always with their right foot.
17- Girls in ancient Rome studied at home.
18- In Rome, among women, dense, fused eyebrows were highly valued.
19- Since the end of the 1st century B.C. Roman emperors started the tradition of daily consuming a small amount of each known poison in an attempt to get immunity.


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