1-using of the market and the quantity of

1-using the JIT (Just in Time )this will provide them with many non-financial benefits such as:- Provides a balance between the need of the market and the quantity of production.- saving in time and cost.- Improved operations- They can make better decisions2- Use of material handling This will regulate the workplace where there may be some costs such as:- The costs of using means of transport such as: Forklifts.- The cost of Packaging for products to protect them from damage during transportation.But there are many benefits:- Reduce inventory management costs- Reduce the time to obtain the product- Organization between operations.

sell them it in the development and improvement stage ,must to show the positive side of the idea to accept it and the profit that will multiply and he is should is bought and applied, and perhaps the new system is a barrier for them as this is unusual in their environment, but this idea must be imposed in the interests of workers.This will make a big difference.This will help to quickly identify gaps, improve productivity and provide free space, It will also help to focus the employee on a single task without distraction, In addition to saving time and effort, these cells will provide Continuous improvement , and Involve everyone in the work environment and make decisions.The change is a natural phenomenon in the working environment.

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This is an indication of the development of the organization, therefore, the provision of distinctive work clothes will enhance this confidence and sense of belonging to the employees and will determine their roles in the organization will lead to improving productivity ,the organization should provide a good and comfortable environment for its employees to Achieve its objectives.The risks that you may face are restructuring the place and dividing it according to the cells , It will also require the time and effort to change and you will encounter the workers’ lack of acceptance of the new system, and the difficulty of rebuilding the good reputation , and the costs that you will incur in improvements, and training workers and working on their development.


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