10. Culture Care Diversity and Universality. The theory

10. Culturally congruent or beneficial nursing care can only occur when individual, group, family, community or institutional care values, patterns are known and used for care.11. Culture care differences and similarities exist between professionals and client participants in all human cultures worldwide.12.

Culture conflicts, cultural stresses and pain exist when there is a lack of culture care knowledge.13. The ethnonursing qualitative research method provides an important means to discover and accurately interpret emic and etic culture care data. It focused on the concept of culture in providing nursing care to patients. Leininger has developed the Sunrise Model in a logical order to demonstrate the interrelationships of the concepts in her theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. The theory is highly generalizable. The concepts and relationships that are presented are at the level of abstraction which allows it to be applied in many different situations It helps the nurse to be more culture sensitive.

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Nurses should assess the needs of the client with different cultures for effective nursing care. In contrast to other theories which primarily focus on person, health, environment and nursing, Leininger highlighted on care as core of nursing, however with the assumption of its basis on culture data. It can be easily understood upon first contact, it is not simple in terms though.


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