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100 Richard st Bridgewater New jersey 00702Dear Board Of Education,Im a Religious leader and I am concerned about the teaching of the evolutionary biology in Several High school’s.

I believe that everyone has a right to believe in what they want. ” God Did Not Create Religion, God created man , Man created Religion.” I say that if people believe in many things why not believe in god? God was a man himself he was our savior and the ultimate sacrifice for sin. Sacrifice is a part of the christian faith.

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We as human beings sacrifice our life’s with whatever impacts us. When you make a sacrifice it’s not easy it reminds us of the things we have to deal with and hold on to the things in this world. Heaven is the option that every person wants to be in they say it’s “Our home, we deserve to go up there”not everyone deserves that. Some people are good and bad depending on what they do and sacrifice that’s where they belong.

Kids are not getting the concept of what they need to be grasping. Knowing about how nature was revolved and how god’s existence was evolutionary is something you would love to know about. In school’s the classes don’t really talk about the meaning.

They go around the bush and don’t actually teach the kids what there supposed to learn. People have to understand the deeper meaning and value of life. God is real and his the only one that could explain the complexity in nature. God knows what he has been through his thoughts and feelings can be shared throughout his experience God gave us everything we have he sacrificed his life to help man create the things he allowed us to have. He gave us our Ears, Arms , Legs and Etc. All those body parts god was willing being be so nice and choose to give us that . They each tend to have have a job for it.

It was up to us to learn how to use it and handle it. God is the only reason why we are alive no one had the balls to stick up for the sins the world was allowing. God was a fearful and thoughtful man. He did not only just think about himself he thought about how the world was going to continue he was not happy with the world so he made a change. God took it upon himself to give us what we want even if we have to work for it.

Doing that helped us grow in the world. When you sacrifice your pride and your hard working sweat it helps you get a better understanding of what he went through. The world is full of surprises so it’s up to you to decide how you want to live it. God helped us through out the way so i think that kids should at least spend the time learning about something so Important. What do you think is he real ?


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