? be completed. ? These graphs should show

? Research and calculate the average distance driven in complete oblivion when texting and driving.? Do this by surveying people, asking them questions that relates to their personal experiences when texting and driving.? Survey and average of 10 people in your community.? All information should be kept confidential.

? From the surveys, draw up a table of results from which graphs and diagrams can then be completed.? These graphs should show the average speed driven in general compared to the seconds they spend looking at their phone whilst texting and driving. As well as the distance driven in complete oblivion according to calculations.? These calculations should include the laws of motion to ensure reliable and accurate results.? Research the average accident rate caused by texting and driving and compare your results with the research.

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? With the use of a stop watch and a peer. Time the average amount of seconds one looks at a phone and reads a message. ? From all research and investigation, it should be easy to state whether or not the given stamen of this project is true or not.


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