?Task arguments with other children. Whereas some

?Task 2 links to Learning outcome 2 – Assessment criteria 2.1 and 2.2. Your display will also need to:Describe, with examples, the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development, including: a)      backgroundb)      healthc)      environment.

 Describe with examples the importance of recognizing and responding to concerns about children and young people’s development.Background Children, they were raised up with different influences which affect their experiences in many ways, for example, children they come from different range ethnic, cultures and circumstances. Various families face deprivation and poverty where the parents are lack in their guidance and are not educated, they don’t understand the child’s necessity and requirements, and don’t want to know what’s happening in their kid’s school and children, they notice and lose their self-confidence and may not focus on their education in the same period the school may not be aware of it. Them children they don’t behave fine in schools and have a habit to create arguments with other children.

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Whereas some parents they are educated and stable, they can provide children needs and wants, they understand their child and participate with them in school events or activities. If they notice any changes in a child they will mail teachers to know what’s going on in schools and discuss about the behaviour, in that case, the schools aware of it and children can be more motivated and have confidence and also more focused in the class. Health There are various kinds of influences which affect children’s health, for e.g. some children may face poor health the 3 most important area are infections, diet, sleep. Children in their childhood may be faced with infectious illness, polio, mumps and etc at the same time it has been controlled by vaccination.

Where on the other side children with poor diet has also affected by physical development, some children they love eating junks and have no control in eating habit may gain weight, in age wise they might be teenager but the will look older, which is affecting their physical development, and some children they are addicted to fizzy drinks which can give tooth decay and this can affect their social development they child might be ashamed of communicating and don’t want to socialise with people. Some children if they don’t get enough sleep will also affect their physical development, they won’t be active in their class won’t be able to focus on their studies and will feel tired all the time lack of sleep can also affect their ability to learn also cause emotional, social and behavioral problems.Children who eat healthily, are always active in their PE and communicates well with everyone, they know what’s good for them, they maintain their times when to sleep when to wake up when to go school when to do HW them children they get more motivation from elders and have good ability to learn to plan, to participate in games or school events.EnvironmentVarious environment and various circumstances can affect child’s development, children they get visible easily in schools because of their behaviour for e.g. some families they don’t earn much and they are low in income and they live in damp house with no heater access this affects healthy holistic development, and also can give infections to the child which leads to affect child’s physical development, them families can also likely to live in very little safe communal space, this condition can affect many areas of a child including physical, social, emotional and intellectual because of this children can’t have their own space and they can’t socialise and can’t make friends.Some parents they get divorced get separate and the child had to suffer in this they have to move out with one of them where they can’t get the equal love like before and if they meet a new partner of their parent they can’t socialise with them and this affects a child emotionally.


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