12 That same evening, I discovered the mechanism

12 Scuttle Street
Newcastle upon Tyne
7 April, 2015
Mr Dennis Hampton
Sunshine Blinds
20 Apollo Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Dear Mr Hampton,
I am writing to complain about the faulty installation of the above blackout shade to
my bedroom window. Mr Brand from your company came to my house to fit the
shade on Monday, 29 March. That same evening, I discovered the mechanism was
not working and that it was impossible either to raise or to lower the shade.
I phoned your company the following morning, and Mr Brand returned three days
later to repair the shade. However, although the shade worked for the first few days
after his visit, it then jammed once more. When I phoned again on 6 April to report
this fault, I was told that no one would be available to visit me for two weeks.
As I regularly work nights, and this shade is the only means of blocking out daylight,
it is vital that it is functioning properly so that I can sleep during the day. I therefore
would appreciate it if you would ensure that someone returns to replace the shade
by the end of the week.
Sincerely yours,
Patrick Bowles


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