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13387629000centercenterCONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY882000CONSUMER PSYCHOLOGY13715992642507Module Code: UGB310Module Leader?Seema BhateeStudent ID: 179025570Student name: Mengyuan Pan0Module Code: UGB310Module Leader?Seema BhateeStudent ID: 179025570Student name: Mengyuan PanContentsIntroduction…………………………………………………………………………………..2Compare with Primark and Schuh…………………………………………………..………..2 Two buying situations by critically examining the relevance of Various demographic variables and Various psychological variables………………………………………………………….

.43.1 Various psychological variables…………………………………………………………….…43.2 Various demographic variables …………………………………………………………….….

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8Choosing the most appropriate decision making…………………………………………..…111.0 IntroductionIn this particular report, the perspective has been assumed as a consumer. The purchase monitoring has been clearly done for next four to six weeks. I have been applied for various areas as all kinds of clothing and supermarkets food as well as Shoes. As a consumer, it is to be reported about all the liable reasons for buying behavior.

Consumer behavior is more important concept in any marketing analysis. For getting any clear link among marketing activities and consumer buying volume, buying behavior is to be analyzed. With the advent of different marketing analysis, whole report is being prepared. For getting a fruitful outcome from deliberate analysis, all relevant marketing tools and strategy also have been clearly analyzed. With the analytical viewpoint, this report is well-organized. 2.0 Compare with Primark and SchuhThere are big differences between the size of the store and the product category. Primark covers a large area with two floors, and involves a large number of products.

There are also daily necessities and all types of clothing and shoes. By comparison with Schuh is much smaller than Primark and it only sells casual shoes and boots. There were not many styles of shoes, and when I asked a staff are there any Vans blue shoes, the answer is no. When asking for another pair of shoes, they are told me that I need to make an appointment. Comparing the size of the store and the product category, the advantage of Primark is better.Schuh has a great advantage in staff and services. The staff wear the uniform which printed logo, which will help the consumers. When they show doubt, staff will help each time with helpful Suggestions.

After a few visits, I didn’t find a single time I just entry into the store and a staff asked me “can I help you”. After the comparison, Primark is a bit of a backer in terms of service. In this large department store, the staff is obviously inadequate, and I always can’t find the staff when I want to ask the staff for some information about a product. I often go to Primark but still confuse the consumer and the staff. Primark’s staff also have a poor understanding of the product, and most of the questions asked by consumers are ambiguous, or they don’t know.And then the point is the commodity price, which is different for everybody. Some people think that your product will have better quality when the price is higher than other product, while others think that the cheap price won’t affect the quality of the product.

There is a big gap between the two stores on the price. Primark is notoriously cheap in clothes, shoes and everyday items. I was bought a down jacket and a woolen coat once in Primark for only $40, is very cheap and quality is ok.

I also bought a pair of snow boots for $8. Primark is the cheapest shopping mall I’ve ever seen. In comparison, Schuh’s products are very expensive, and I find that the cheapest product in the shop is Vans’ boots, is $64.This time the boot what I bought is more expensive, is $200. After observation, I find most boots in the Schuh almost $200 or more than $200. But in contrast, Schuh has 10% OFF for students, but Primark doesn’t have any incentives. There have been many comparisons between Schuh and Amazon before I officially buying the boot. I also will pay special attention to the discount card when I go to Schuh.

After some questioning, the staff told me that there was always a student discount in Schuh.After analyzing the price, it is necessary to analyze the quality issues mentioned above, which is also the most faithful factor when I choose the product. First of all, Schuh, Schuh’s products are all genuine brand. Whether I saw it on the Internet or from my friends, they all tell that the shoes that sells in Schuh are all high quality. My classmate told me about her evaluation of the product before I bought it.

“it’s the best Martin boots I’ve ever worn.” Then, Primark, as a Chinese student, first came into contact with the word Primark is my brother tell me, which the quality of the product are very bad of this shopping mall. I also don’t think the store sells very good quality product, because it looks so cheap. When I touch the product, I can also feel the quality of the product in the process of purchasing. Therefore, after comparison, the product quality of Schuh is much higher than that of Primark.Shop decoration is also a very important factor.

Next, I will compare the renovation of Schuh and Primark. Schuh’s shop style is dominated by black and white, simple style. It was particularly bright, and it was in sharp contrast to a shop on its side that also sold shoes.

The reason I have started to notice for Schuh is the UGG in the Schuh display cabinet. There are white cloth and cotton in the display cabinet, with various UGG boots on it. It creates a sense of snow, and I have a feeling warm of those fuzzy boots. The other side of the display cabinet style is the same, with some children size boots and the same type of adult boots.

Small boots have gorgeous color, adorn pure white winter. I can also dimly see the fur inside the boots and feel the warmth of the boots.After being attracted to Schuh, I found that the area where the shoes were placed had their own characteristics. For example, in UGG’s area all the shoe rack is original wood color, very have UGG store characteristic.

Once I went to an UGG store, and the whole shop was originally wooden, feeling very simple.Primark’s decoration is mainly green, with a strong festival atmosphere. The product is placed in different areas according to the category and the sex of the buyer. After observing a period of time, I found the products that appeared in the doll were best sell products or the new products. The doll is placed in the most obvious place in the store, which has played a good publicity role. Interestingly, because of the odd store structure and product placement mode, I have a feeling that I can’t go all the way. Every time I can find new product.In contrast, both Primark and Schuh have their own characteristics.

It is also very suitable for the store decoration style. Schuh use different brand splicing styles to give me a clear sense of the different styles between different brands, and also it is very harmonious at the same time. Primark’s style makes me feel like walking in a huge forest. The green decoration makes me happy. The huge field makes me feel that I can always find a new product suitable for me in Primark.3.0 Two buying situations by critically examining the relevance of Various demographic variables and Various psychological variables3.

1 Various psychological variablesPsychological variables may contribute a lot in any purchase situation. From different kinds of psychological concepts, different purchase situations may occur. For each of the particular psychology, person to person interaction may vary in purchasing. From this consideration, several consumers buying patterns have been developed. In case of psychological factors, there are several underlying influences. ?Innovativeness, Novelty seeking and Consumer Creativity (1980)?. For outlining, these can be pointed out as motivation, Perception, Attention, Distortion and Retention, Learning and Conditioning and Beliefs and Attitudes. From the analysis, some of these are discussed in the upcoming discussion.

As different types of psychological factors affect differently in purchasing pattern, all of these critically analyzed. First of all, motivation is to be discussed. This is treated as most important factor. For example, a person may buy a luxury brand because they want to look very rich, or they may buy it just because it can look good. Choosing a product or brand may make them look fashionable. There were two reasons for my motivation when I bought Martin boots, one is because my friends bought the same boots. Wearing the same boots can make us look good and have good friendship.

Secondly is because Martin boots look fashionable, I chose Martin boots for a fashion-conscious consumer.On the other hand, perception, attention, distortion and retention may also be treated as psychological factors to influence consumer buying behavior. The systematic ways in which a person observe world and according that is perception. (Schiffman, 2018). For example, in order to draw attention, they may use surprise, shock tactics and humor or any other mechanism. If one gets attention of others, consumer must induce them. Moreover, repetition of presentation may be considered as an indicator of sticking to information. So, it can be said that, drawing attention is a vital element of psychological factors affecting Consumer buying Behavior.

When I bought body shop’s body butter, I was attracted by the realistic fruit design on the product package. I decided to buy it because I smelled fruit aroma. In addition, staff have been enthusiastically introducing each kind of body butter to me and constantly emphasizing that this is the best product they sell.In case of learning and conditioning, these are also applicable for affecting consumer buying behavior. Consumer must act according to his or her learning from different sectors. This learning may come from institutions, personal study as well as real life situation. That obviously differs from all other factors. Form the consideration of different condition, it may also affect in consumer buying behavior.

For example, if there is a situation of financial crisis, consumer must choose the lower price product. The reason why I buy makeup remover at Boots is because the makeup water sold by Boots is cheaper than my usual toner and has the same effect. Sometimes my physical condition will also be the reason for my purchase behavior.

As sensitive skin, I can only buy sensitive skin products.Beliefs and attitudes may be treated as other important psychological factors regarding consumer buying behavior. In real life situation, a consumer always gets affected by the beliefs while buying any product. Only when consumers believe in the quality of a product or brand they will choose to buy the product.

The reason why I buy Lush shampoo is because I bought and used Lush shampoo in China, and the product have good quality and effective. It is the trust of the brand that gives priority to buying shampoo in Lush. So, belief is treated as an important element for psychological factors of consumer buying behavior.

(Runyon, 2002)On the other hand, attitudes also treated as important tool for affecting the consumer buying behavior. A particular attitude significantly affects the consumer to choose particular types of products. (Diffusion of Innovations, 1995) For more clarification, if a particular firm contributes to develop one’s value and attitudes, support his or her attitudes, of course this firm’s products will be selected. And in other firm which does not support one’s value, will not be given priority. I buy Holland & Barrett because Holland & Barrett supports a healthy lifestyle and provides consumers with a healthy lifestyle.Advertising can help a lot for developing strong value and attitudes in favor of firm.

Without building strong beliefs in favor of clients, no firm can get attraction. Most of the psychological factors are prominent in nature. This cannot be changed easily with any marketing strategy.

In order to get advantages of psychological factors, marketers have to design marketing tools according to the perspective of consumer. Consumers have some distinctive characteristics regarding psychological factors. People are well-motivated via family, peers, friends as well as working environment and academic background.

For a marketer, it is necessary to develop strategy regarding consumer satisfaction and consumer drive need, want and demand. In case of consumer perception, marketing tool must be well-focused to fulfill it. In case of customer attention, marketers have to pay concentration to fulfill it. In case of learning and conditioning, marketer has also some influence. Continuous advertising can contribute to well-known for a consumer.

In most of the case consumer are known about a product via advertising. If marketers set well-organized advertising, it will surely bring positive outcomes for organization.3.2 Various demographic variables There are some important demographic variables affecting consumer buying behavior. Demographic factors are those types that are mostly linked with personal life. Age, sex, income and education are treated as basic element of demographic factors. Each of these factors contribute a lot for consumer buying behavior. With the advent of each factor, integrated consumer behavior can be analyzed.

From the marketing perspective, consumer behavior is driven by various factors. That is differ from one to another. (Kardes, 2015) These differences can be classified as age or marital status, personal education or income level, gender of the participant etc. It can be easily seen as the differences between two types of people in buying goods from different economic level. That is income level of any particular person surly contribute to choose a particular class of product. If the income level of a person allow to spend more, he or she must expenses in accordance to it. On the other hand, if any person feels shortage in cash money, he may also cautious to spend money.

(Europe, 2018). For this reason, consumer buying behavior differ from each other. But all time this equation may not remain same. Consumer buying behavior must be changed with the advent of change of each factor. For more clarification, a significant change can be seen from consumer buying behavior, if there is significant change in income level. On other word, if income level of a particular consume change, the buying pattern must also change. A rich man spends more than that of poor.

(Perspectives in Consumer Behaviour, 1991). If a man has grown richer or more educated, the buying behavior of his or her must change. Age is also an important psychological factor for affecting consumer buying pattern. It is treated as a remarkable demographic factor affecting overall buying pattern. (Berkman, 1997) With the growing pattern of human being, their needs also be changed.

From this perspective, their buying pattern must also be changed. With age differences, needs, wants, demands must also be differing from individual to individual. For example, at the time of youth, people spend most of income in lifestyle. But with the time of growing older, person decreases amount of income among lifestyle. Aged people have to spend most of their income among health in terms of medicine. But in youth age, people spend most of their income in luxurious and lifestyle products.

By this way, age is treated as an important demographic factor contributing consumer buying behavior. Moreover, age is treated as most important factors for market segmentation and overall marketing strategy. (Hoyer, n.d.).

With the advent of this segmentation, marketer can easily get competitive advantages over other. In each level of age classification, different types of consumer behavior is found. Marketers have to develop product with considering age differentiation. Brands and products choice of people start changing with the growing age of consumer. So, age is considered an important psychological factor affecting consumer buying behavior. A young man’s preferences must differ from an aged people. Age contributes to affect the consumer’s flavor. From the age differences, aged people have more serious selection rather than young people.

Moreover, a young person is most of the time fun loving. For more discussion, Chocolates is favorable item for young people and kids but for elderly people it has much lower preferences. Age determines several things. It is a logical relation that, with the changes of income level, consumer behavior also changes. Rich people spend their income among luxury and life style things but poor people have to spend most of their income among daily need or most urgent necessary. In age consideration, aged people is less digitally inclined. For this reason, consumption of digital product of this type of people is seem to be less than young people.

(Murphy and Dweck, 2016) Sex is also an important demographic factor affecting consumer buying behavior. The gender differences contribute to differ in consumer behavior as well as buying pattern. There are several things that are differ among male and female. This may be in terms of fashion and lifestyle. Fashion of male is not same as female. (Harrell, 1986). There is significant change in female buying pattern with comprising male.

So, there is vast differences among choices of male and female. In case of technological as well as digital gadgets, there is lower differences among male and female. Moreover, there is some other products that is not differ among gender. It is a real fact that, most of the household’s women contribute in making decision about choices. Income is treated as most important tool for influencing consumer buying pattern.

Different level of income have surely different types of buying pattern. For explanation, in a middle-class family, most of the decision for buying is based on utility. Level of income defines what kinds of products to be purchased regularly. Person who have high degree of disposable income, can spend income into tours and travels. Innovativeness, Novelty seeking and Consumer Creativity (1980). Education is treated one of the psychological factors affecting consumer buying behavior. Person who have strong academic background must differ in buying pattern.

As in modern era, education is becoming an important determinant of social class, educated people have some distinctive buying pattern rather than uneducated. Europe, P. (2018). Most of the time educated people spend time in deciding about wisely buying. When I buy products, first I will consider the product quality and my economic situation. It is then filtered according to individual taste and preferences. I used to buy products with a guy with better economic conditions. When I buy a product, I carefully compare the quality of the product to choose one of the products.

But the boy if is interested in two or more products after comparing the product, he will buy them all.4.0 Choosing the most appropriate decision makingIt can be weighted among different decision-making models.

Consumer decision making pattern contribute a lot for marketing strategy. (Mandel et al., 2017) From the consideration of different marketing research, it can be pointed out that well-established marketing strategy contribute to high profitable situation for any business firm. In the upcoming discussion, I discussed the decision-making model I used when purchasing. Basically, consumer buying decision process is a systematic way to define how consumer travel among different stages. It is the way to select a superior product from all other similar goods. Decision making process is consist of several steps by which a buyer can satisfy a need. This decision-making process also includes solving problem.

The overall process of consumer decision making may be outlined as need or problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, selection as well as trial and finally purchase decision. There is also post purchase dissonance or post purchase behavior. Need or problem must be recognized first of all. With the need recognition overall consumer buying decision process is started. Basically, this is remaining in the customer mind. There are various stimuli regarding motivation of need recognition. The stimuli may be as internal as well as external. The reason why I bought boots in Schuh was that old boots were broken and no shoes could be worn after the old boots broke, so I had to buy a new pair of boots to wear.

With the recognition, next step is happen. That is information search.I have to solve the problem or in the other case fulfill the need. I search for all relevant information to solve the problem.

By this way, I can find for possible solution. Information may be gained from different sources. These are as family, friends or peers etc. This is treated as personal sources. Another important source of information is commercial sources. This may be in terms of Television, radio, newspaper or internet sources.

I seek for relevant information within these sources. Before purchasing all products, I will search the Internet for relevant information or ask people who have purchased relevant products.The next steep of consumer decision making process is selection and trial. There may also be as buying small amount of product.

Solomon, M. (2017). In case of other, consumer need uses the product for short time.

After getting positive or negative impact, consumer go for next step. In case of positive impact product, consumer take the decision of purchase decision. It can be more defined as with the strong belief of customer, purchase decision and retain in the long run occurred. I tried on five pairs of shoes when I bought them, and it took me nearly 90 minutes. After evaluating the product according to different feelings, I decided to buy Martin boots.Final step of consumer buying process is suggested as post purchase dissonance or behavior. (Wells, 1996).

There are different types of post purchase behavior. After the purchase of Martin’s boot, it was a good choice, even though it was not as good as it was supposed to be, but it was not a big disappointment.References:Diffusion of Innovations (1995). Rogers, E. M. Fourth edition. The Free Press.Perspectives in Consumer Behaviour (1991).

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