14-10. Red Bull company holds promotional campaigns where


What is the critical-thinking issue raised by the case?This case raises critical thinking issue. For example, the music industry is very large where everyone has a specific music which he/she loves. Sponsoring the music academy and targeting that group was a very and paramount idea. This boosted their selling volume and increased the market share.14-11. Summarize the different types of marketing communications that Red Bull uses. Are these “traditional” or “nontraditional”?Red bull has been using different types of marketing in the company. They started by visiting street events where their cars were mounted with large cans of red bull.

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Those who passed by were given red bull for free. The company use magazines which are related to their products. In the magazines they advertise their products. They sponsor music were they’ve set up a music academy that helps promote upcoming Artists and the company have no control over what the artists earn. They are interested in selling their brand.

They use social media and televisions to advertise their product. This is nontraditional form of marketing.14-12. What communication goal does each of Red Bull’s marketing communication tools accomplish? Are you familiar with any additional brand touch points that are not mentioned in the case?The Red Bull company holds promotional campaigns where they market their brand.

They are full of energy where they appreciate those customers that believe in their brand. Furthermore, the company is conversant with traditional forms of marketing that are not shown in the article.14-13.

What is the risk of sponsoring a special event such as Felix Baumgartner’s historic skydive?These events pose a big threat to the participant’s. For example, if the plan fails, it will have exposed the athlete to a life threat which can lead to death. This can end up tarnishing the name of the company.14-14. Red Bull and other energy drinks have generated negative publicity regarding possible health hazards. Discuss.

Consumption of energy drinks is associated with increase in health problems e.g. high blood pressure which results to heart attack. Some energy drinks have stimulants and caffeine which are addictive. The increase in popularity of an energy drink, increases disease cases and death rates.

14-15. What makes Red Bull, in Professor Kumar’s words, an “anti-brand brand”?Red bull does not show seriousness in the music academy because it does not ask for payment after an artist sells his/her music. The company does not have ownership of the music which is produced. This is unbelievable to the consumer because the company is profit oriented and the sponsor and does not own or need money from the artists


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