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-15571-98488500-2067348984970left144399000Future of television2018Future of television2018 DATE @ “MMMM d” * MERGEFORMAT June 9INFT1201 – Black Is A Scary ColourAuthored by: Lachlan Dovey, Harry Gallagher, Alexander Lee, Dylan Miller, Rupom Saha-1511301625600004157317621458000-7469756670040Executive Summary”From the rise of social television, the main way to communicate is using internet and television services. When we have traditional television, the normal audience were unable to contact to the program. In recent years it has been abundantly clear communication through television is having huge impacts on people worldwide.One of the greatest reason for this development is the invention of smart devices. Smartphone, smart television and computers are very sophisticated communication devices. They are the reason that the world is in the palm of our hands. They let us become so communicative towards people all around us and far away from us.

So, in this project our group’s work is to create a very interactive social media. A medium that will let all audience provide their thoughts and insight to us. As our primary motive, making a platform that will attract all sorts of audience is important. Social media is always at its best when it is made for all people. And to make it social for everyone, interactive features like providing comments, and suggesting programs to friends needs to be added.

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Putting ourselves in the shoes of the audience is the best way to go.We plan to…”Rupom SahaTable of contentsIntroduction………………………………………………………………………4Traditional Television history……………………………………………………5Traditional Television – Present………………………………………………….8Social Television………………………………………………………………..

..9Convergence of Social Media and Television…………………………………..

.12Prototype Report…………………………………………………………………14Descriptions of the Proposed Product or Service………………………………..15History of the Innovation Leading to the Idea……………………………………16Highlighting the Apparent ………………………………………………………17 Advantages and Disadvantages of your Product………………………………..

18 Target Market Analysis of your Product or Service…………………………….19 Competition Analysis……………………………………………………………

20 Conclusion………………………………………………………………………21 Reference and Bibliography…………………………………………………….22IntroductionTraditional Television is the transmission of images one after another which gives an effect of movement these images can be black and white or coloured, many television programmes are accompanied by sound but aren’t always.Social television brings together Traditional Television, communication and social interaction that allows the viewer/user to watch regular Tv or connect with other viewers. This could be through the show itself or even related content to the show such as similar shows, trailers or coming soon content ie(content awareness). Allows 3rd party connections for voice and video communication while watching which is then displayed the monitor.As one of the major future trends of social media, social television and traditional television converging is considered as the trend that smartphones, laptops, tablets and television collide to allow unlimited viewing and sharing across multiple platforms, making TV viewing a community affair.”Rupom SahaTraditional Television – historyIn the early 1900s, the word Television was first documented the word is made up of two parts first being Tele meaning transmission over a distance, and Visio which is equivalent to sight to sense with your eyes.

When these words are put together its full meaning is to visually see images from far away which these inventors had set out to build a machine capable of transmitting motion pictures.January 1st, 1884Invention of Flexible Photographic FilmIn 1884, George Eastman, an inventor, created “flexible photographic film” which saved visual images on a “plastic coated strip”. This allowed images to be stored for later viewing this was seen to be the start of video era.August 10th, 1907Cathode RayTen years after the creation of Cathode Ray Tubes(CRTs), they were used in the first TV.A CRT is a glass vacuum tube which would fire an electron to a positive end, which in this case was a phosphorus coated screen.

Wherever the electron hit the screen it would fluoresce which produced an image when repeated in quick succession. January 1st, 1926Television (black and white) First television to be created, was able to show grainy images in black and white with no sound. Only the wealthy people were able to have one as they were a luxury item.September 15th, 1930Kinescope TubeA kinescope improved the quality of a television. The first TV commercial was displayed on this improved TV.Kinescope were first used with the cathode ray tube television receivers; the kinescopes recordings were the first digital video recordings known which were recognized in full as kinescope films or kinescope recordings.

“Kinescope recording was the process of recording a television broadcast onto a film reel by pointing a camera at a video monitor as it played the footage. The result was a poor-quality, grainy recording of the material.” Jeff Saporito | September 30, 2016January 1st, 1936Coaxial Cable LinesCoaxial cable was created as a transmission line for radio frequency signals.

Its applications include joining radio transmitters and receivers to the antenna, computer network (Internet) connections, digital audio, and allocating cable television signals. An advantage of coaxial cable over any other kind of radio transmission line, is that in the perfect coaxial cable the electromagnetic field carrying the signal occurs in the centre conductor which is then shielded by 8 layers to prevent moisture migration and external interference. “This allows coaxial cable runs to be installed next to metal objects such as gutters without the power losses that occur in other types of transmission lines. Coaxial cable also provides protection of the signal from external electromagnetic interference.” Wikipedia 30 May 2018January 1st, 1940Colour TelevisionColour TV now classed as “High Definition” or HD, was made available.

TV was started to become more of an occurrence e.g. more people had TVs in their house than previous years. In television sets, the whole screen is scanned repeatedly and systematically in a particular pattern known as a raster. The colour of an image is shaped by regulating the intensity of each of the three electron beams, one for each additive primary Colour (red, green, and blue).

January 1st, 1964Plasma ScreenThe first plasma screen TV was created, which possessed better quality of an image and higher quality sound. On average there was now one TV in each house hold.”Plasma TV technology is built loosely on the fluorescent light bulb. The display itself contains of cells. Within each cell two glass panels are detached by a narrow gap in that comprises an insulating layer, address electrode, and display electrode, in which neon-xenon gas is injected and sealed in plasma form during the manufacturing process. When a Plasma TV is in use, the gas is electrically charged at specific intervals. The charged gas then strikes red, green, and blue phosphors, thus creating an image on the Plasma TV screen.

Each group of red, green, and blue phosphors is called a pixel.” Robert Silva | LifeWire | April 11, 20181980sVCRs was becoming a household essential and a method for people to be able to record programs and view them at leisure. Cable and satellite increases in popularity with the widespread of sitcoms.1990sInternet gradually became available in the home through dial-up ISPs (Internet service providers), this was the birth of competitive content. Pay to view cable was boosted through shows such as “Sex and the City” and “The Sopranos”. Sam Petersen | Content Marketing Manager | June 20, 2017January 15th, 1996Digital Satellite DishesIn middle of January, digital satellite dishes were released. They became highest selling product in history, alongside the VCR.

January 1st, 2000Year of the Digital DiscIn 2000, the DVD was surprisingly popular and became more mutual.”Broadcast TV moves from analog to digital. DVR (digital video recorder) changes how and when consumers view TV. Advances in LCD and plasma technology introduce affordable flat screen TVs.

DVD players replace VCRs. Television programming becomes more interactive with the explosive popularity of reality TV. Shows like “American Idol” include audience voting and other interactive pieces”Sam Petersen | Content Marketing Manager | June 20, 2017Traditional Television – PresentJanuary 1st, 20013D Television3D TV and the idea of home cinema/theatre were now available.

Able to watch TV and movies with special glasses that allowed the viewer to have the effect of 3D. This made movies and TV look more realistic.September 15th, 2004Blu-ray DisksNow fantastic, high definition quality that can be purchased for home use with games and other activities such as movies.January 1st, 2005Flat Screens and HDTVsFlat screen and HDTV are now available to be purchased. The sales rise in 2005.

These sorts of TVs are typically thin and comprise of high definition image quality. When first released, these TVs were outrageously expensive, only affordable to the wealthy.January 1st, 2007Interactive DVDMovies are now sold on Blu-ray with on screen games and quizzes.

An interactive movie, similarly recognized as a movie game, is a video game that offers the gameplay in a cinematic, scripted way, typically by means of full-motion video of moreover animated or live-action footage. In recent times, the term also denotes to games that have a larger importance on story/presentation than on gameplay, often used in a judgmental way.January 1st, 20103D TV and Touch-screen TVIn 2012, majority of TV manufactures released HD 3D TV sets.Online digital TV programs of shows is available and becomes a major element of a broadcast station’s revenue strategy. Smart TVs, are TVs that are able to connect to the internet, drop in price therefore making them more accessible. It is predicted that by the end of 2018 manufacturers will only produce smart TVs.Touch screen TVs are now available making it easier and quicker to access menu options, .And the future of TV?The growth of TV will continue to flourish as new technology emerges.

This includes the size of the size, the resolution and what the TV is capable of. The growth of broadcast technology will propose more addressable options to advertisers. It will be able to send higher definition images to households. The interaction between the viewer and the TV will continue to evolve.Social Television Social television is the combination of television and social media. The percentage of people that now share their TV experiences online on social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Using smartphones and tablets, has increased dramatically within the last few years. The television program holders continuously share their video clip to increase the fan base. In this business the television taking the opportunity of make technological advances to favor their cause, and it has been paying handsomely. This is causing competition between social media platforms like Facebook and Tweeter. The concept of using communicative skills and technology to bring television and audience has brought the birth of social television. The idea was very simple, the audience will give their feedback on the sot as they were experiencing television, giving a change for everyone to speak out.

The chance of a lifetime to innovate the way we interact completely. A simple, sequenced model of a show from ideation to post-premiere life can help illuminate tangible benefits of real-time viewer data across the value chain:-1270089535001970 – 19802465464754200For years and years multiple large businesses and corporations made the effort to merge interactivity with traditional television but all went miserably. The Qube was another example of this, it was designed to be an external device which allowed the user to have a two-way connection with the tv allowing the output of the tv programme and the input of the users interaction. The Qube was thought to be a big hit amongst the population unfortunately like many of its predecessors it was unsuccessful and didn’t last very long before being discontinued.

-2000254318000In the year 1980, Zenith released Space Phone this was the most advanced technology at its time as the Space Phone allowed users to communicate on the phone through their TV sets. Users can make phones calls with their remote control as it has that feature and watch the TV at the same time while talking. Unfortunately, the Space Phone was a complete fail due to lack of popularity. left347980002000 – 2005America on–Line (AOL) introduced AOLTV in the year 2000, this allowed users to venture the internet, access emails and communicate in chat rooms simultaneously watching your favorite shows on the same screen but during 2002 AOLTV was falling off the radar due to lack of interest to the services. But there have been some improvements in the years 2003 to the interactive television sets which got advertised in the US, but it got a large attention in the Asia and Europe region. Once improved this service became nationwide as these allowed users to chat online while watching their favorite program.

But there were still a few problems as the amount of messages being set through the chat it would obscure the display blocking some screen revenue which became problematic. 2006-2010In the year 2006 ABC announced a website, ABC.com, which allowed loyal users to watch their favorite TV shows full length episode for free with no charge this was the first network website that allow this ever but over time CBS and Fox wanted to join this trend and join Hulu for there services. These services allowed viewers to comment and rate programs while watching them. Through television discussion forums had existed for an extended period on the internet.

2010-2013right2286000Around this time the height of social television’s quality skyrocketed, but not because of the social functions rooted into TV. Somewhat, BBC described that it was the “first true social media Olympics” especially because breaking news was occurring via Twitter. Just because NBC did not provide live streaming, twitted became a worldwide source of information. It would have taken a long time to broadcast the full Olympics in one channelled. And Twitter swept in, saving the day.

2013 is when the rise of smart Television happened. And our television world never stayed the same. Convergence of Social Media and TelevisionIn the past years the relationship between television and consumers have changed, Internet is taking over the business. These variations affect the meaning of TV itself.

It used to denote to a cabinet-like device, with planned programming on a small number of broadcast channels. Everything then became cable, then came the satellite and now internet television is the new craze… Today, viewers can watch football, drama, news and the latest video at will simultaneously with their tablet or smartphones.The audience is in complete total control of their experiences. This include the option to create personal playlists or through digital applications.

And there are websites that provides with binge watch. In this process the TV guide in the website. YouTube and commercial content interaction was the early stage of all this process. The latest would be some Netflix, HULU and Foxtel etc. to keep a cable subscription people should to be able to watch specialised sports or high-quality subscription-based channels. However, many cable connection subscriptions include access to applications that let those channels to be consumed over the top or OTT.Social Television solves everything.

You can order anything anytime you want and most times it costs a lot less than cable or satellite.Streaming on YouTubeStreaming on YouTube is free. People can access anything they want at any time possible. As information stored and published every second increases the demand for them also increases with time. At a point our old television will not be able to provide the people with required amount of intel.

Sites like these, YouTube, and Netflix will come on to. Quenching all the thirst for knowledge and entertainment. Even though YouTube has free privileges, the cost for Netflix is a lot less than cable or satellite.

Hashtags on TwitterThe power of hashtags on twitter is completely life changing. Linking specific social media posts with a single event can be very frustrating. Twitter came with the idea of hashtags. Connecting lives, connecting people are now made a lot simpler. The audience will hashtag any posts associated with the events, this will connect everyone and every single moment there. Nothing at the end of the day be more evolving, social technology wise.

238495036501400Prototype of EVEcenter508000center56197500center381000Descriptions of the Proposed Product or Service”EVEHub is a new piece of smart technology created by SiliconUnion. EVEHub speakers allows users to use voice commands and prompts to interact with/control different abilities that EVE’s newly developed AI assistant named EVE Assistant. Eve has many abilities already integrated and other abilities available through third parties.

Some of these abilities include allowing the users to control playback of videos, for example recording a show for later viewing, listen any music desired by the user and also receive news and updates entirely by voice. EVEHub devices also support home automation, allowing users manage smart home appliances/devices with their voice. Multiple EVEHub devices can synced even in different rooms which allow music to be played and can connect to multiply TVs for viewing entertainment. EVEHub is able to detect movement and differentiate voices as with movement you can gesture to navigate the channels and EVE is able to play and pause depending if you walked away or returning to the TV to resume the show or movie and for incoming phone calls it will automatically lower the volume of whatever you are watching to the optimal volume so you can hear the person over the phone.

“-26098563500History of the Innovation Leading to the Idea 66040028956000Highlighting the Apparent The Conversations over single queriesAll smart speaker is required the handle a simple single line queries conversation, you can ask your smart speaker “what’s the weather’s like?” Unfortunately, if need ask more questions within the same topic you’ll need to ask the smart speaker again but rewording it differently.As for AI systems, also known as (artificial intelligence), this system is advancing the smart speaker market in which it is develops more cultured and skilled of understanding human interaction and conversations it is likely that these single line queries will now will become more like a conversation like you are communicating to a human. This system will help smart speakers to carry out a conversation without the individual to call the wake word for example google smart speakers have a wake word which is “Okay Google” now with AI on its way to the future this will be eliminated.The Local networks Smart speakers are facing difficulty and that is the latency modelled by the cloud. For all queries smart speakers need to gather the correct information from a cloud and process it this is what all smart speaker needs to do and by asking smart speakers what you do they always mention that your questions will be stored in a cloud and when answering you they need to access a cloud. Due to the smart speakers needing to access the cloud this gives a few second delay for the smart speaker to interact with the user. Personalization All tech now a day are wanting to head for a full personalise customization of tech, android devices like Samsung and google they are the kingpin of personalization to their products and smartphones. Users want to experience and feel that they have finally made a product suitable to their life style and will assist them making their life easier.

Smart speakers are heading towards that personalization phases as the smart speaker can greet you in the morning, highlights your day to day activities, set alarms and reminders and telling you your up coming events. In the future smart speakers are wanting to head to voice recognition and personalize voices and wanting the smart speakers to hold a proper conversation.The Integrations with other devicesMost smart speakers want to be the king of other smart speakers they are trying to assimilate with other types of devices, gadgets and systems. In years to come we will see hopefully that integration will increase.One of the biggest advantage of smart speakers is their ability to connect to smart home-based gadgets and appliances. Example google home can control the smart appliances like the LG lights, TV or and temperature of the house.Advantages and Disadvantages of your ProductEVEHub ProsHere are a few pros and advantages of the EVEHub:EVE has the ability to answer any question. The main advantage of the EVEHub that no other application and devices have is its ability to provide a detailed and personal response to all questions asked by the user.

The device pulls the data from EVE’s Knowledge Bank, a system that contains millions of facts, statements and statistics about any topic asked.EVE can cast to any smart TV available. Another amazing advantage that the EVEHub possesses, is that the EVEHub can cast to any type of media to any type of smart TV. The EVEHub allows the user to cast from YouTube, other applications such as Netflix will certainly be added along with many other media applications. Can identify different voices: The EVEHub guarantees that different people will receive personalize results for EVEHub.Good sound quality considering its size.Hands-free calling.Bluetooth audio streamingAesthetic design and customizable appearance.

Availability: EVEHub is available in these countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, United States.EVEHub ConsHere are a few cons, limitation, and drawback of the EVEHub:The EVEHub App is not easy to use.Distance of EVEHub can hear your command. Your mileage may vary.

Security could be an issueEVEHub requires powerThere could be bandwidth issues. EVEHub rely entirely on wifiTarget Market Analysis of your Product or ServiceWith the EVEHub we will see normal people who are involved in improving their daily routine and attracted in the new technology but not obsessed with it. Most of the consumers will not notice or read tech reviews. Consumers only want something that is good-looking and suitable to use but in real retrospect EVEHub is mainly for children and teenagers.

The reasoning for this decision was that devices such as android phones and apple phones are easier to use because of their touch screen element which is more interactive for younger children. Parents are able to choose and download from a wide variety of learning games and other applications on the EVEHub. I believe teenagers will be the main target audience as most teenagers has a phone which provides them a way to socialize with their mates and connect and make new friends. They would also be able to listen to music, view Facebook and Twitter and many other social media applications. There are also many gaming applications available which many teenagers will desire to have as a quicker easier way to access their entertainment. Competition Analysis Products Price($) Features-6526746900Google Home $199.00 1. Play white noise while you fall asleep.

2. Broadcast something to every Google Home device in your house.3.

Control your smart home.4. Remind yourself to work out.5. Make hands-free calls.

6. Find your lost phone.7. Turn the TV on and off.2794014732000Amazon Alexa $299.

00 1. Bing Search Engine2. 360* Bluetooth Speaker3. Google Calendar4. Movie/Movie Theater Info5.

Order and Track Amazon Purchases6. Weather Forecast7. Local News/Traffic Updates8.

Control Your Smart Home-649646673000Apple HomePod$499.00 1. Rename your HomePod2. Personalize Siri3. Control HomePod from the Control Center4.

Tap HomePod to control music5. Sync Apple TV to HomePod6. Set an alarm or a timerIn the world of technology these are the three kings of home assistant or smart speakers.

As you can see EVE’s main competitors are Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod but with EVEHub, the smart speaker, it comprises all the main stream features of these existing home assistant and more as EVEHub has all the flagship specs and feature with an average consumer friendly price. EVEHub has all the features of Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod all together also with live streaming technology lightning-fast graphics engine that is capable of taking an input of media from a 3rd party source and streaming out to multiple devices in the form of multiple different media sources such as video, sound, photos,etc. to many different devices at the same time, with no buffering issues . Live streaming technology which you can share your screen to your friends and watch your favorite content together at the same time. The EVEApp is built mobile first and works also in full mobility: Anytime, anyplace, with anyone. Invite friends to join you on your digital sofa where you can watch movies, sports, or play games together. EVEApp makes sure you will never miss anything again. From your TV to your phone, you are experiencing the same thing at the same time and more explained on the EVE Website.

I believe with the average consumer friendly pricing and with all the flagship specs and features EVEHub will trump all existing home assistant/ smart speaker.Conclusion”At the start, the idea seemed very vague, approaching it made everything more pure and clear. An audience has an urge to be heard. We will be building such an interface that will take all the opinions of our audience and make everyone’s experience better. “Eve” is going to be the next generation AI. The sensors fitted in her makes her environment interactable.

Now a day there will be a lot of different sorts of AI as discussed in our report, but EVE makes all the difference we need for a brighter future.”Rupom SahaReference and Bibliography Sam Petersen | Content Marketing Manager | June 20, 2017A Brief History of Television – Plus a few predictions of its future – https://www.sorensonmedia.com/blog/history-of-television/Arcticpenguin | Gadgets/Services, Social Media | January 11, 2013History of Social Television – https://yvettewohn.com/2013/01/11/history-of-social-television/KATHY PRETZ | IEEE Milestones recognize those who helped make TV what it is today | 8 March 2018 Timeline: Advancements in Television During the Past Century – http://theinstitute.

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