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 WordpressTutorial adding a theme Welcome to our WordPress lesson. Inthis Knowledge bit, we’re going to install a theme and then we will talk abouthow you can make changes in that wordpress theme.  So far within this course we have justbeen looking at the basic default theme that came with wordpress when we setwordpress up. So within this lesson we are going to jazz it up a little bit andadd in a custom theme customizing it and really make it our own, customize thetheme that we have, as well as install a new themes. So we are going in to ourdashboard under all of these posts, media, pages, comments. And our next optionis appearance and this is where we can begin to customize our theme. Customize Theme:So as we can see here we have got somedefault themes already added in so we have got 2015, 2014 and it’s got athumbnail here so we can see what it looks like as well and we are able to addin new themes over here and we can drag and drop new themes as well so we cansearch and add new ones. Screenshot1 So we are working with themes so theseare the default ones.

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We can do a live preview and this will show us what ourwebsite with content and all what it will look like when we are using thistheme so we can see that it is quite a bit different. We have got this menuhere on the left hand side 2016 we have a menu on the right hand side and soon.Screenshot2Changing Color of Your ThemeAnd then while we are previewing it weare actually able to customize it so if we want a particular color for thetitle so you can change from there you can change background color as well.

Screenshot3Header ImageYou can also add heading there, soagain going into our default images, I can add a heading so heading areparticular sizeScreenshot4Crop ImageSo this is where we crop the image andso we are showing up, this is the new headingScreenshot5Customizing Background ImageGoing back in background image soagain we can customize our background image and so on. So here we have got ourbackground image. Screenshot6Site Identity SettingBy default its tile, so we can changeit we can tile it horizontally, vertically up position at center, positionright as well and then we have got some CSS there so fixed and scroll and soon.Screenshot7Once we have done all of these changeswe have got it looking the way we want to do it we can just save and activate bysimply pressing that top Save & Activate button. Now when we go to ourlocalhost we see it over here as well. This is what our site now looks like.Screenshot8So not exactly ideal and obviouslythis is not what we want a website to look like unless we were building it inthe 1990s, the yellow background this big text so obviously we still need to dosome customization and whenever you have a theme you can always customize itand that’s another really cool thing about wordpress because they have added inthis ability to quickly customize your theme so we can actually change it backsaying a change it over to 2015 and do a live preview of that and willeventually activate it.

Screenshot9This is because we are able to do thisso easily because of the way wordpress actually structures, because it’s adatabase driven website so their content is actually structured via these postsand it works independently of the theme and styling and this is a great way tocreate content because it really just does give you so much flexibility.Customizing MenusHere we have got menus where we canadd our menu as you can see below ‘my menu’.screenshot10Here I have got the ability to do aprimary menu as wellScreenshot11So this is available in the dashboardto create menu and menu are going to be really good for our pages and help withnavigation as well. Customizing WidgetsThere are widgets, so here we have gotability to customize our widget areas.

 Screenshot12So it’s got all of these searchwidgets so this is what we have up here, you can add in a title there, and Iwill show you exactly how that’s going to look like.Screenshot13Recants posts, on how many posts weare going to show if we want to show one post we should do that as well. And wesee that right when we make our changes updates.

Screenshot14I also can remove any widget if wewantScreenshot15There are some other widgets likearchive, categories and Meta, usually depending again on how you arestructuring your site, you exploring categories I can show them as a dropdown listif I want it that’s fits into my site structure.Screenshot16One of the things I do find useful isshowing post counts so this give the ability so if somebody is browsing yoursite and they see these categories and they see maybe one category and a lot ofposts that are usually a way to attract people to click into those categoriesbut they see how much content there is and then over here we have got thereMeta. So we get our meta title as well Screenshot17So a lot of stuff with widgets, andhere we have got that static front page so if we want to have a static frontpage we can do that setting as well.Screenshot18So much like a lot of stuff inwordpress we have got several options in order to access and do a lot of thesame stuff, so a lot of it’s a matter of preference and customizing colors isjust really easy with wordpress as well.Customizing ColorsSo usually when you are designingwebsites a good way to go about it is to work on gray scale so if you areunsure about the color that you want to use on your website but you do want tobe able to differentiate different parts of your website so a good rule ofthumb is usually to go with those gray scale colors, so you simply do a saveand activate now.Screenshot19And now you can see my website isagain totally different so this left hand menu scrolls a little bit and theright hand menu will scroll all the way down so they are scrolling differentareas. Screenshot20We also got option to customize oursite, add a new post/page/media, and got the option to make backup of our siteon the top bar of our site.

 Screenshot21So that’s how you customize yourthemes I am going to actually go back to the docs board and access theappearance that way. But you can see that through these menus. I mean actuallyaccessing the same areas in a lot of different ways. So just like what we hadhere where we customize our site we are doing the same thing over here.Widgets, menu everything over here in left dashboard bar.

Screenshot22And the reason that they do this isbecause a lot of times users like different aspect of access, so some peopleare don’t like to use navigation where they like to use more interface herewhere they can access these features and customizing it.Adding New ThemeSo that’s how we can customize themesand again with themes, if we want to add a new theme then simply click Add Newoption in Theme page where you have got tons and tons different themes that youcan access. Screenshot23So again you can pick and do whicheverones you want so a lot of option available here with wordpress, you can filterthemes by different colors, layout, features and subject.Screenshot24 Really a lot of option going throughwhat’s available on wordpress and picking themes sometime it’s also a good ideato purchase a theme if you want some customized functionality and they usuallycome with plugins and everything present so for you know anywhere from $10 to$50 sometimes just over 100 you can get preconfigured theme and everything setand ready to go with wordpress.Installing New ThemeWe are going to install new themehere. Just simply select theme and click install.Screenshot25 I just do an install it, download the package,I can activate it, or I can do a live preview Screenshot26And some will have option to customizeand some will have more option to customize and some will have less.

Screenshot27And here is that custom page menu thatwe had talked about earlier. So here’s that showing up here we have got somepost down here and so on.Screenshot28So again customizing these menus asneeded and when you are ready and you want to activate it you can just do a ‘saveand activate’ and then this become your current site. And again it’s not goingto removing any of the content so you don’t have to worry about content part whenyou installing different themes.Screenshot29In thisKnowledge bit, we have learned that how you can install a theme and makechanges into that theme. In the next knowledge bit, we are going to talk aboutwidgets and going to discuss more about customizing the appearance of yourwordpress site.


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