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AsI researched Latin American composers, I came across a woman by the name ofCacilda Borges Barbosa, who is noted as one of the most influential LatinAmerican composers of the twentieth century, which is absolutely incredible.Cacilda was born in Rio de Janeiro on May 18, 1914, which is interestingbecause that happens to be the same year that World War I started. Cacildagraduated from the National School of Music in Brazil, where she studied piano,harmony and music theory. She focused mostly on modern and classical musicstyles, where she created orchestra, choir and piano music pieces.

Later in herlife, she came back to her Alma Mater, National School of Music in Brazil, and becamea chamber ensemble professor. Asfar as an example of her work, I found a piece that Calcilda composed, whichwas called Triptico. Triptico is known to be a four-piece fugue, which is a “shortmelody is introduced by one part and successively taken up by others”(Dictionary). The piece was honestly not what I expected, but I was definitely impressedwith how it flowed together so smoothly. I was somewhat confused on what afugue was, but after listening to Triptico, it made so much more sense and wasa lot more noticeable. Cacilda made sure each part that was added was conspicuous,but also meshed well with the music as it continued to play.   Cacildaplays quite a significant role in Latin American music, and alsointernationally.

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She is notoriously known for her work as a “Brazilian pianist,conductor and composer,” and was also “one of the pioneers of electronic music”throughout Brazil (Upclosed). Cacilda impacted many lives throughout herlifetime, especially her students at the National School of Music in Brazil. Inaddition, many of her pieces are still utilized to teach students.

On August 6,2010, Calcilda passed away in Brazil at the age of ninety-six years old. Sheleft behind an incredible legacy which made an everlasting impact not just inLatin American music, but also internationally.


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