2.1 be delivered to the Superintendent of the

2.1 The Process Involved The development process involves many parties such as developers, land owners, open organisation, purchasers, and some financial institutions. Throughout the main processes in the development planning in Sarawak are: 2.

1.1 Planning Approval Process In Sarawak, application to obtain any planning approval have to go through the headquarters Division of Land and Survey Department in Kuching, Division of Land and Survey Department, and State Planning Authority (SPA). To approve the process of planning for a development, it is necessary to get approval from the SPA as SPA is an important party in giving development approval. During the process, it is required for the applicant to delivered their application for planning approval for the development and boundary subdivision.

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All document from the applicant must be delivered to the Superintendent of the Land and Survey Department at the Divisional level. After that, the application will be received and reviewed by the Director in the headquarters of the Land and Survey Department. Next, secretary of SPA and the advisor of planning secretariat also played an important roles which is reviewed the application and verify all the necessary details such as structural plan and local plan. Thus, give professional recommendation to SPA.

The care of SPA in approving each application is depend on the sort and type of the development being proposed.  Secretary of SPA and the planning advisor is required to make decision either to approved or reject the application during the SPA meeting. After decision is made, they need to further inform the Divisional Superintendent about the planning approval. Once the Divisional Superintendent has acquired the approval from SPA, they might need to inform the applicant. Lastly the divisional superintendent will inform the applicant about the payment fees based on the Certificate of Approval distributed from SPA. 2.1.2 Submission of Boundaries Subdivision Plan The applicant is required to submit two copies of boundaries subdivision plan to the Divisional Superintendent after they had received the approval from SPA.

Soon, the Planning officer in Divisional Land and Survey Department will provide a list of items to be verified in order to process the boundary subdivision plan by reviewing the boundary subdivision plan with the acceptance plan where approved by SPA. Lastly, once the Planning officer had received the boundary subdivision plan, there will be a notice to applicant from the officer to inform them that they need to sign the boundary subdivision plan. The officer also need to take note that the fees must be paid before he proceed with his agreement on the plan. 


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