2. Moon Glampers the authority responsible for enforcing

2. Story 1: The perfect match by Ken Liu (Liu 2012)Sai is an average person living in a technologically advanced age,where people and their activities are monitored and controlled byCentillion’s software using a virtual personal assistant calledTilly. Sai realizes the manipulation and control rendered by the software withthe help of Jenny, who has slithered herself into his life by masquerading as afellow citizen who is concerned about the encroaching software. They team upand devise a plan to destroy the centillion technology, buttheir plan fails after they’ve been detected by centillion’ssuperior software. Subsequently, they get an offer to work forCentillion. Our main characters are left in a perplexed state of having to strike abalance between the countless advantages and the unacceptable and oftensocietally detrimental disadvantages of technology having overt controlover humanity.

Story 2: Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (Vonnegut 1964)The year is 2081 and because of the “dark ages” of entrenched inequalityand competition,the government is forcing equality by forcing people to wear mental and physicalhandicaps. Diana Moon Glampers the authority responsible for enforcing theequality laws seeks to decrease people’s intelligence and physical capabilities sothat they can be on par with those of the people considered to be”normal.” Harrison Bergeron, who was taken away from his family andincarcerated when he was 14 years old for being too intelligent, strong andhandsome is the reprobate in this story as he breaks out of prison to disruptand change the status quo, unfortunately, he is murdered by Diana.Story3: Amaryllis by Carrie Vaughn (Vaughn 2016)The story’s settled in a fishing community, where fishing and human populationare strictly monitored. The main character is Marie.

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She inherited the position ofthe captain of a fishing family called “the amaryllis” after she was ostracized fromher original family when her mother broke the population quotas by havingher. She is battling with keeping her family together as she is targeted by Andres,the stationmaster who constantly accuses her family of exceeding the fishingquota. Marie is also faced with the hard decision ofwhether she should seek the authority’s approval of allowing Nina, a 20-year-oldmember of her family, to bear a baby.


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