2. system is taken into consideration:” Conclusion1: “In

2. OBJECTIVES OF LITERATURE SURVEY• “Learning the definitions of the concepts.• Access to latest approaches, methods and theories.

• Discovering research topics based on the existing research.• Concentrate on your own field of expertise– Even if another field uses the same words, they usually mean completely.• It improves the quality of the literature survey to exclude sidetracks– Remember to explicate what is excluded””Before building our android application the following system is taken into consideration:”Conclusion1: “In this survey paper we described different design principles and context models for context-aware systems and presented various existent middleware and server-based approaches to ease the development of context-aware applications. The direct comparison of the named systems and frameworks shows their similarity concerning the layered structure. Especially remarkable is the strict division of the context data acquisition and use. Thus context sources become reusable and are able to serve a multitude of context clients. Although most authors refer to abstract context sources, the currently mainly used and tested sources are physical sensors.

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Virtual and logical sensors are capable of providing useful context data as well and should be more incorporated in ongoing research”


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