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24th January 2018To, The Selection Committee of European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) Consortium.

In 2013, when I opted Tourism and Hospitality for bachelor’s degree, I faced criticism from my relatives as they thought these courses are not demanding. In fact, in India, many parents want their children to be an engineer or a doctor, regardless of their dream career and area of interest, as they earn a good salary and respect in society. However, I opposed all those comments to join the course that I am passionate about and study the subjects that I admire.

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Later in 2017, I successfully graduated with a distinction and a Job offer.During the college, I have learnt many fundamentals with subjects like Tourism Geography, India as a Tourism Destination, Organizational Law, Marketing, and Core Hospitality Management.I always strived to focus on the practical aspects of all the theories learned in class through field visits and assignments.

For instance, based on my observations, many Indian tourist sites are affected by vandalism, poor cleanliness and sanitation. This is where the subjects like Sustainable Tourism, Visitors Management, Tourism Policy Planning and Development in India, Cultural Heritage of India, helped me to gain insight on sustainability concepts, approaches, tourist etiquettes, and knowledge on effective policy formulation and implementation for a positive impact on destinations.During the sixth semester, as part of the topic “Community participation in Tourism”, myself along with three other colleagues conducted awareness sessions for local communities about the importance of their participation in tourism planning and management process which helps sustainable tourism development and its beneficial impacts on their economy, socio-cultural aspects in the future years.In the same period, I had volunteered with a UNESCO supported, heritage promoting organisation, “GoUNESCO”, to conduct #makeheritagefun campaigns at historical monuments to engage and educate locals and visitors about the heritage and their responsibility in sustainable activities and preservation.As I wanted to procure hands-on experience on sustainable development in a global domain, in January 2017, I volunteered for a Sustainable and Cultural Tourism Project at University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This Global Volunteer project aims to contribute towards SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities, the main idea of the project is to support and develop a tourism village near Yogyakarta. My group consisted of individuals with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, which had broadened my ideology to see tourism through different lenses. This project actively taught me the strategies and techniques to use tourism as a tool for development, and the Indonesian cultural immersion sessions, on the other hand, aided me to become part of the world community.Despite being active in the academics with numerous classroom presentations, workshops, events participation, I was also strongly engaged in my hobbies such as Documentary collection of various genre, Travel Photography, and sports.

Finally, although my candidature has been shortlisted for an Operations Executive position in Trade Fairs & MICE Tourism division of Cox and Kings Travel Ltd. Hyderabad office, I refused the offer to advance my qualifications and education further. So, I decided to join a program that provides a mix of educational advantages in an international environment.

  One fine Saturday, I was watching a French film called L’Auberge Espagnole in which, the lead actor moves to Barcelona, Spain, to participate in an Erasmus program. I was very fascinated by the Erasmus concept and I figured out a course of my interest, “EMTM”. Recently, I participated in an online course about cultural tourism, which had case study videos of Professors Joaquim Nadal Farreras, and Saida Palou Rubio on the topic ‘challenges of Urban Tourism’, then I noticed that the University of Girona is distinguished in terms of applied tourism research and development. Similarly, the SDU, and the FELU, which are reputable for Sustainable Tourism research, also their involvement in B.

E.S.T Educational Network, Tourism Sustainability Group, the 10-year-old consortium, Internationality of the curriculum, participants, and field trips, lastly the solid positive input that I got from the alumni. All these above reasons lead me to apply for this unique course.Joining the program, I will invest my knowledge and skills that I have obtained during the college, internships, projects, to make a unique contribution to my cohort and EMTM family. I have the vision to start a digital International Tourism Newsletter exclusively under EMTM program, which will focus to produce quality articles and content on Sustainable Development, Contemporary Tourism, International Tourism news, and importantly, stories of EMTM journey.

This idea will aid me, my peers, and the future cohorts to improve and advance our research abilities, creativity and analytical aptitudes.Regarding my area of research interests, currently I am interested to work in the areas: “Development of Innovative and Sustainable Tourism Policies”, “Efficient Implementation of Tourism Policies on Destinations” with emphasis on EU Countries in connection with India, because, India ranked as 7th largest tourism economy in the latest report by WTTC, but still, we have a major untapped tourism potential with vast cultural and natural resources. Unfortunately, poor tourism policy-making and implementation causing underdevelopment of tourism in India.

Although, I am also open to research on other segments like: “Threats of Globalization on Cultural Diversity and Local Communities”, and as we lack cruise tourism in 7500 km Indian coastline, I am very keen to work on “Contribution of Cruise Tourism to the EU-Mediterranean Economies” My career goal is to work with tourism consulting and management organizations, to involve in varied strategic planning and development projects, and to establish myself as an industry expert. Eventually, I would like to pursue doctoral studies and develop into a position that prepares and groom future professionals of the industry.I am sure that EMTM will help me to accomplish my goals, and I strongly believe that your program will open the door for me to a wide range of methodological approaches on tourism research, to study and experience the tourism industry of different nations in the EU, also helps to enhance my knowledge of world tourism, and elevates my professional skills in par with international standards and empowers me to follow divergent sustainable practices and discipline.It would be a great pleasure and honour for me if given the life-changing opportunity to pursue the EMTM program with an EMJMD Partner Country Scholarship. I assure you that your investment in me will ultimately help to provide vital contributions to the advancement of society and the industry.

Moreover, I will do my best to represent EMTM at Erasmus Mundus Association and other occasions. Primarily to contribute to EMTM growth, and to promote Tourism Education and Youth Development.I am B.G Suneeth, a graduate of National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad-India, and I look forward to being part of 2018-2020 cohort in your renowned program.B.G Suneeth


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