1. can be applied to every good

1.    Validity and timeline of thebill: one ofthe key issues around e-way bills is that the validity of the bill depends onthe distance that the goods were to travel. For example, if the distance to becovered is between 500-1000 km, the number of days the e-way bill is valid isfor 10 days.

 Now ifyou you have to transport heavy machinery like a Boiler on a specialized truck,the number of days it may take for it to cover 500 km can be much more than 10days..So anew feature can be added in the eway bill is that instead of making it on thebasis of amount of goods , there should be the new change which allowsmoderation during transit on the basis of the weigh of goods being transportedand also the distance should should have a separate validation for certaingoods on. 2.

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   Change in the time frame: Unlike a return, a way bill needs to be generatedin real time along with the invoice. Unless a company has the IT system tosupport and generate way bills in real time, it will be a huge issue. thus time becomes a huge problem and in order to avoid this problem ,we areenabling a new feature that  will enablea barcoding system in starting for the goods that need to be transportedimmediately, so that the other details can be looked in later.Once this system getssuccess in short term for goods to be transported immediately ,then this can beapplied to every good which will in turn reduce the cost and will make theprocess much faster.3.

   Enabling good based  verification: Thereare  issues like, a new e-way bill shouldbe generated whenever the mode of transport of a consignment is changed. Thiscan be a serious problem for ecommerce companies that use various modes oftransport for delivery of the same item so instead of  making the verificationprocess based on the goods or on the acceptance and cancellation of orders, theeway bill should thus be based on the goods verified and no matter the ordergets cancelled or accepted the eway bill will be based on the good till thevalidation process of the same.


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