(a) is the only thinker and instructor, autocratic

(a) Compare and contrast teacher-centered and learner-centered curriculum both in theory and as applied to practice.

(20 marks)Similarities:-The finality of both approaches is to ensure that effective learning is taking place.- In both approaches, teachers have to follow the National Curriculum Framework so to use the textbook and all necessary materials needed for teaching.- Both will be evaluated by assessment -Differences:Teacher centered: The teacher is the only thinker and instructor, autocratic – one way communication- encourage individualisms and v/s in child-centered powerful relationship between children and teacher, communicate amoung peers. Group work is encourages.

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Teacher centered: no need for preparation v/s child centerd the learner has got to be advised of the coming lessons for example for grade discovering wording containing the sound “b’ for French course. Child centered – teacher informed in advance that pupils need to bring images of objects containing …Teacher centered: control the syllabus when to end v/a child centered – the during of the lesson might be longer as it mainly depend on child response.Organized according to needs and interest of children.Teacher centered: summative assessment at the end of the lesson or topics v/s child centered: formative assessment – time for remedial as assessment is done as learning is taking place.Teacher centered: Low level of child motivation and participation , boring- passive learners v/s Child centered active classes, high motivation, increased self confident of learners.


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