3.1 as agriculture labor.This district is situated

3.1 Study Area: This Project has “Nalgonda District” as Study area.Nalgonda district lies between in the North Latitudes 16 ° 25′ and 17 ° 50′ and East Longitudes 78° 40′ and 80° 05′. The district forms the southern part of the Telangana Region and is bounded in the north by Medak and Warangal districts,on the south by the Guntur and Mahaboobnagar districts,on the west by Mahaboobnagar and Rangareddy, and on the east by the Khammam and Krishna districts.

Nalgonda has a total of 1,115 villages and 59 mandals.It has an area of 14,240 sq km and a population of 2.8 million.Agriculture is the main occupation with 32 percent of the main workers classified as cultivators; and about 43 percent as agriculture labor.

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This district is situated in the upper catchment of the watersheds of the tributaries of Krishna river. Only about 40 percent of the district area is under cultivation as against available 70 percent. Figure 1: Shape File of Study Area( Nalgonda District) The 4 mandals include such as 1. Peddaa Adiserla Palle 2.

Anumula 3. Peddavoora 4. Nidamanur The Area of 4 mandals occupied: 1497.

336 hectors. The Objective of this study is to analyse and to find the flow of water to the some areas of Nalgonda district and to find the percentage of area of cropping per year by collecting the data of consecutive years i.e from 2013-2017. The following figure shows the drainage map.

It indicates the flow dynamics of Nagarjuna Sagar canal system throught out the study area which is to considered.3.2Nagarjuna sagar canals:S.NO Description Length Bed Width Depth of Flow Length ofBranches andDistributaries Ayacut 1 Right Canal 203 KM 73.

5 M 3.78M 5342 KM 4.75 Lakh Ha.11.74 Lakh Acres 2 Left Canal 179KM 29 M 6.71M 7722 KM 4.

2 Lakh Ha.10.38 Lakh AcresShape file of Study Area: The folloeing figure shows the shape file of the Nalgonda district with the four mandals with the flow of the Nagarjuna Sagar canals.

Figure: Shape file of Study Area3.2 Topo sheet data Study Area: Survey of India is the first scientific department in Government of India, which provide information in terms of Topo-sheets (Maps) as part of mapping for the development of nation from 1767 AD onwards.Survey of India has two series of Topo sheets1.

Defence series maps (DSM):These are based on WGS-1984 Datum and Lambert conformal conic (LCC) projection. 2.Open series maps (OSM):These are based on WGS-1984 Datum and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Projection.Here datum will be same for b


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