3? are too high to overcome teaching materials,

3? Identify, number and describe potential fail points (i.

e. points in the process where problems may occur) and/ or bottlenecks (i.e. points in the process where backups or slow delivery may occur).Based on our own observation and understanding of whole service blueprint of Tuition Center in Kota Kinabalu, we can summarize that there are three types of problems that are faced by Tuition Center in Kota Kinabalu.a) Pressure from parents- Because of the school teacher’s incomplete responsibility and unrealistic primary and secondary syllabus, parents place all their expectations in tuition center.

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The parents send their children for studying aren’t about simply passing exams, but need their children on getting the flying colour in all subjects. This phenomenon brings the high pressure for the children and tutors.b) Creative in teaching- Traditional teachings have been eliminated. In class, tutors need to teach students in innovative ways to attract their attraction and increase their absorption of the knowledge. This is too difficult for the tutors for thinking the creative ways during teaching.

c) Higher fees- the tuition fees are too high to overcome teaching materials, electricity bills and even tutors’ salary. For the ordinary families, they cannot afford the fees of tuition. This may limit the students who are interested but cannot afford to pay the higher fees.Offer possible solutions/ alternatives to address these (potential) problem areas. Based on the potential fail- points and bottlenecks that we have pointed out, we would suggest few solutions to address these problem areas. Firstly, we would suggest that parents should have good relationships with tutors.

The parents should always guide and support their children to complete all the tasks. If lack of this support from parents, the tutors will fail in helping their children in educational progress. Once month one time, tutors and parents should discuss their children’s problem and find the solutions to overcome it. This will be the best choices for tutors to strengthen the children academically in the right way. Thus, we would suggest that tutors can go training once a month to get the new teaching methods and upgrade their knowledge.

Tutors also need to know what their tutees interest. For example, if the tutees are interested in playing games, tutors can add something in their teaching material like surprised tests and board games. This method may increase their tutees interest in studying. Lastly, we would suggest the government helps tuition center in all aspects like funding the teaching materials. This may help to reduce the tuition fees.

The ordinary families can able to send their children to get the same well-educated with others. The government should provide more allowances for tutors to contribute their skill and ability. The teachers in school and the tutors are the same, their responsible are to teach the children and let them to get the new knowledge, so the tutors’ afford must be affirmed.


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