3. below primary level. The emergence of food


Al Mamun M from IPH(Institute of Public Health), Bangladesh conducted a study whereby 80 schools from 19 school zones of Dhaka city were covered for the assessment of microbial quality of selected street food items vended by school-based street food vendors. This study estimates unacceptable range of microbial contamination in 54% of sliced fruits samples, 59% of jhalmuri samples, 29% of chotpotis samples, 53% of vajavuji samples, and all (100%) sharbat samples. Most of the food venders were aged between 15-24 years old and educated below primary level.

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The emergence of food borne illness due to the low of quality of street foods was a threat of health for the school going children in Dhaka city. The lack of sense of hygiene of vendors, improper knowledge of food handling and low income (approximately 200taka/day or 3.00 USD/day) of vendors might be the reasons behind the contamination of foods..4. A study that was assessed by Tambekar DH, Jaiswal VJ, Dhanorkar DV, Gulhane PB. and Dudhane MN from Department of Microbiology, S.

G.B. Amravati University, India, showed that street vended foods in the Amravati City was related to the emergence of food borne diseases, thereby high lightened the prevalence of microorganisms.

P. aeruginosa (39%), E.coli (21%), S. aureus (16%), Salmonella sp. (12%) and Proteus sp. (12%) were the microorganisms interpreted from 55 food samples. P. aeruginosa in samosa (25%), E.

coli in kachori (32%), S. aureus in kachori (27%) were at highly contaminated with the pathogens. Poor water quality and hygiene throughout food preparation, laundry of utensils, poor personal and domestic hygiene, peeling of fruits long before consumption, and jammed, soiled and poorly maintained searching spaces were the most reasons for the deterioration of foods in this town area. the placement of outlets aboard busy roads with significant vehicle traffic, that increase mobile particles, or beside waste disposal sites and over jammed dwellings, adds to the contamination. These findings demonstrate that the ready-to-eat food vended in Amravati town represent a very important potential hazard to human health. Provision of health education to the vendors and imposing implementation of applicable sanitary practices would improve food quality.


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